Remember When

My young un has discovered the delights of Dolly Parton, me having checked out a copy of her greatest hits from the liberry for her. She is especially enchanted with the song, ‘If I were a carpenter and you were a lady, would you marry me anyhow, and have my baby?’ The cover of the CD even has a picture of Dolly Parton pre breast enhancement surgery!

So, in the spirit of country I Remember When, even though my life was hardly like that…. ever… I was never an OKey from Muskogee, nor a country boy. They hated me. But still, I been around them all my life, and I remember when. Do you?

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3 Responses to Remember When

  1. Avatar Marie says:

    Tony! I love both Dolly Parton and Alan Jackson. And I didn’t know that Dolly actually paid for those giant boobs. I thought nature had simply played a cruel trick on a little gal from Appalachia.

    Does the young’un like Jolene? That used to be my favorite.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I hadn’t really thought that much before about her boobs, Marie, until I noticed how flat she looked in the picture put on the CD cover of her earlier times. Previously, I had, too, actually thought that maybe just a couple of University of Kentucky basketballs had just fallen into her blouse by some sort of bizarre freak accident, making her look like my old blow up doll. No seriously…. I just hadn’t given it much thought, one way or the other. I noticed, but… I didn’t really think or see, or digest the phenomena in its entirety. It was just too much for my testosterone influenced mind to totally comprehend.

    …But since inquiring minds now surely want to know, here’s the full scoop on these mega melons… Yes, Dolly, it must surely hurt. Ouch! My back!

    The young un does like the song Jolene, but it still can’t beat, ‘Would you have my baby?’ in her opinion.

  3. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Poor Dolly! Double Ds on a 5’1″ frame. Geez. And now that she’s nearly 60 her back and shoulders can’t bear the weight of her silicone-filled boobs. Maybe rather than another breast reduction surgery she should get a walker for her breasts. The breasts could sit on an adjustable shelf and the boob-walker contraption could be called a racker. A lot of women will be needing them in the future. We could become rich!

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