America’s newest Border Wall

The US and French governments are now able to cooperate once again, and have chosen to show their new willingness to be friends by building a new ‘Border Wall’ together. And what better place than in Chad?

Here, a puppet dictator whose survival is an essential necessity to protect the joint US and European plans to further militarize North Africa, is in mortal danger of falling. So what better place to build the world’s newest ‘Border Wall’, which will serve as a barrier between the capital of Chad, and the entire rest of the country? This is a work of true genius!

And maybe some day Washington D.C. will build such a construct, too? (but what about the Pentagon, Tony? It’s in Northern Virginia, isn’t it?)

Trench to encircle Chad’s capital

I keep waiting for the ‘Save Darfur’ people to raise their voice in opposition to the European Union (the French and US) takeover of Chad. But wait a second???? Wasn’t that actually something that they
were actually calling for? (Oh, Tony, none of them ever said that!).

OK, now? Am I really stretching to call this trench ‘America’s newest Border Wall’?

Answer…. Not really. Walls are just IN with the Pentagon gated community crowd!

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