Tea Party Patriot robes for tiny pee pees

Klu Klux Klan Minuteman Racist Bigot anti-immigrant robeCOLORADO SPRINGS- This year for Halloween I’m dressing up like yokel heroes Sean Paige, Richard Randall, Tom Gallagher, and Doug Lamborn, the rabble-rousers behind our local Teabag mobs. They’re reveling in the white man anger, against immigrants, ACORN, and taxes for social programs, laughing off accusations of being racist, while probably praying to God their mob doesn’t seize upon a passing African American and lynch him. Until recently a Halloween costume like this would have been mistaken to be a ghost, but for the resurgent ugly white man. The Pikes Peak region was crawling with KKK members in the 1930s, and during the Bush years their sons and grandsons snuck to the Texas border to join the Klan’s modern incarnation The Minutemen. With a black president clouding the horizon, suddenly these same men and women are rallying. At a recent public meeting, Representative Lamborn chuckled about his fellow malcontents rising up, at “I guess we call them, Tea Parties.” A heckler cried out “Clan Rallies.” The Lamborn crowd booed, but I bet most of them still have their fathers’ robes.

22 thoughts on “Tea Party Patriot robes for tiny pee pees

  1. Eric, do your friends and readers know that you just make up half the stuff you write on here? Go find me one line Sean Paige has ever written about ACORN or immigration.

  2. Fair enough DC, I’ll take you at your word, but chest-pounding onstage in front of a mob which he knows is riled up based on fear-mongering about ACORN and the threat posed by non-white immigration, without trying to right the misinformation, is to OWN that platform. Sean Paige may have his own principles, but rallying the teabaggers is shameless. Now DC, what’s not to believe?

  3. Sean Paige is a whore churned out from this particular Right Wing ‘think tank’ called the ‘Competitive Enterprise Institute’. See Source Watch to see about who funds this outfit?


    He is not their go to golden boy for their promotion of reactionary views on immigration though. He specializes in trying to destroy any public concern about our deteriorating environment and the horrible role that America’s corporations have played in the Earth’s growing environmental problems.

  4. If you attended April’s TEA Party, then you know that Sean took the opportunity to lambaste Lamborn for earmarks hypocrisy. He had members of the audience booing. In other words, your characterization of Sean’s “on-stage chest-pounding” and “rallying to the teabaggers” is either ignorant or disingenuous, depending on whether you actually know better.

  5. Hey, DC, were you one of those who “invited” Bill Sparkman to attend a smaller Tea-Party rally in Clay County Kentucky?

    The Tea Party are a bunch of Re-branded Klansmen pissed off that a Black man is President of the United States. And they pal around with Domestic Terror groups like the Klan and the Minutemen. I think they’re a bunch of coward bitches myself.
    When they start taking God’s Name in vain by calling themselves “Christian” it just compounds their evil.

  6. Paige is a fascist wrapped in the banner of so-called Liberty. It’s pretty bad when even a Nazi Prick like Heimlicher feels he’s an extremist.
    We have plenty of them in town here. Can’t hardly throw a half-brick without busting one of them upside his pointy little head.

  7. DC,
    I was at the April event. I took the Lamborn comment to be playful chiding, and I did not hear the boos you mention. But I am reluctant to accuse you of being disingenuous. If I am mistaken about Sean Paige’s affinity with the Tea Party mob, it’s a welcome development.

  8. Paige is a Bradley Foundation whore, and not any populist. Trace the money and the cause, DC.

  9. We’ll perhaps see a few of them at the “Let Them Eat Cake” Public Transportation meetings next Thursday. It’s going to shock them a little bit.

    Mayor McCheezWhiz for instance. I’ve got some very rotted tomatoes in my compost heap in case anybody wants to grant them a little fresh salad salute.

  10. Eric, the boos and the clucking might have been especially noticeable to me because I was just a few feet from Lamborn’s campaign manager and her crowd. To my recollection, Sean’s entire talk revolved around his criticism of Lamborn. I don’t think he said a word about Obama or health care or any of the other national hot-buttons. I could be wrong.

    On a related but tangential note, it baffles me that some of you guys talk as if you would prefer a Jerry Heimlicher to a Sean Paige. Do you really think that the CSPD needs a higher level of funding? Are you enthusiastic to see the USOC receive welfare checks from the city? To see the EDC receive checks from the city and from Utilities? If not, then you and people like Sean Paige might actually be able to accomplish something together — except for the fact that most of you have destroyed your own credibility by indulging in this childish vitriol. Oh well. If you would rather have the satisfaction of calling Heimlicher a “prick” and Paige a “whore” than have the satisfaction of getting the EDC defunded, that’s your call. It’s just a shame you’re not a bit more ambitious.

  11. Sure, we could accomplish getting ParaTransit cut to the bone. It’s been a “libertarian” goal.

    Paige is anointed as a City Councilperson because he’s just like the rest of them. Watching him and Doug Bruce “fighting city hall” is a laughable charade, except it’s not really all that amusing.

    It’s like watching any internecine battles between “rival” criminal gangs.

    City Council has for many years now been doing the bidding of Paige and Bruce. Give more tax breaks to their Corporate Masters and everything will be just fine. They’ve had powerful allies in the Reaganite Greed-fest that’s steadily torn down the economy of America for 30 years.

    The TABOR group are just another extremist splinter faction of the Capital Worshipping religion.

    Doug Bruce is touted as a former prosecutor. Means he’s a Pig.

    Paige and Bruce don’t seem to have anything against the Daddy Warbucks Pentagon Investment Group (P.I.G.) or the Police State Death Penalty version of “Big Government”. massive subsidies for the Oil industry like having our kids fight wars that profit nobody but their Parent Corporations… just those parts of “Big Government” that actually give the poor any benefit, like for instance Social Security, Mass Transit…

    The punks have been part of the Reich Wing chorus wanting Social Security and Medicare funds handed over to the “free” Market profiteers who sucked the economy of the world dry with their Pyramid Scheme.

    They suck whatever portion of the Rich Bitches anatomy that their Masters tell them to.

  12. And you didn’t answer about the smaller Tea Party rally in Clay County Kentucky.

    Your Tea-Party Klan lynched Bill Sparkman and hanged his name around his neck, literally, they duct-taped his I.D. card to it, “tagging” him like a deer. Now I’m hanging his name around the collective neck of the Tea Party and all their chickenshit murderous accomplices. Too bad if you don’t like it.

  13. Yeah DC, I acknowledge our problem with the personal credibility thing. There’s no spade we can resist calling an expletive-enhanced spade. But what we lack in professionalism and ambition, I hope we make up for in integrity.

  14. Somebody who calls a spade an expletive-enhanced spade doesn’t have more integrity than somebody who leaves the expletive out. He just has less self-control or worse judgment, maybe both.

  15. DC, I wrote about the Right Wing ‘think tank’, Competitive Enterprise Institute background that Sean Paige has as his secret promoter for his sorry anti-environmental track record as previous Gazette editorial boss. You ignored all that. Just what is it about Sean Paige’s track record as their nutty editorial writer that got you so in his camp?

    Was it how he took on trying to do away with protections of the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse on behalf of major real estate interests that want more crappy urban expansionism that they can profit off of? Is it his belief that Global Warning is all a commie-liberal conspiracy? What is it about the Dude that has you fallen head over heals in love with him? He’s mousier than the mouse he has fought against so much IMHO. But you are infatuated with the guy, it seems? What gives?

  16. Yeah, DC, cry about your Tea-party “heroes'” killing Americans every day that they delay health care reform.
    THAT is obscenity. Telling people who will DIE without medical care that their lives are worth nothing to you.
    44,000 a year from complete non-access to health care. And that’s the ones with Insurance. The ones with no Insurance your Tea Party are unwilling to count.
    That makes your Tea Party comrades the most efficient and prolific Anti-American Terrorist Group in the world.

    And of course, Bill Sparkman.

    I would think that having such heinous crimes pointed out to you would be more offensive than any Epithets hurled your direction in the process.

    But then, the Tea Party have no integrity. I’m sure, since you spend so much of your time speaking to them, you must have noticed that by now, and you’ll also notice they are immune to insulting references to their Murders, thefts, and the outrageous Lies they tell to cover them.

    So, how does one speak to Socially Retarded Animated Sphincters who have no integrity or honor, without the at least occasional use of gutter language or references to the Morally Challenged Crack Addicts who spawned them out of any form of wedlock?
    You’re the one who breaks bread with them all the time.

  17. ‘So, how does one speak to Socially Retarded Animated Sphincters who have no integrity or honor..’

    No, you are not doing any refraining from this stupid gutter style you seem to think is somehow great style on your part, Jonah. I personally think it is offensive and stupid, to boot. Oh, and did I mention semi-coherent at best? I’m getting increasingly sick of reading this vulgar mindless nonsense you write all the time.

  18. The guy is apparently upset that the Klan connection was once again pointed up. Which isn’t hyperbole or speculations. In fact the Klan connection gets very understated rather than hyped.

    So instead of DIRECTLY lying and denying the very premise of the post, he redirects it to be a chiding about Name Calling.

    But doesn’t want to address the far more serious Names… just the ones that he feels obscene or vulgarity.

    The names he brushes aside in his Noble Quest For Polite Behavior are far more serious than the ones to which he objects (allegedly)

    Names like Thief, Liar, Murderer… Racist. They would do the same if you or I quoted their own church doctrines to them.

    I know that from experience.

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. When “DC” said he was merely offended by the language, he Lied. And apparently has some practice at doing so.

  19. These tea party people are dangerous quasi-terrorists, and it’s time for the government and other to stamp out their dissent. It’s UN-patriotic, they are closet racists and refuse to support the first black president. I would love to see a mass-round up and see all of them revoked their voting rights and thrown in jail.

  20. Also, their hero, George Bush, wasted billions on buying AIDs drugs for Africa and AIDs programs for them. He spent more money on AID to Africa than any other president. There are people in America without health care, but we send our money over-sees to provide health care? Disgusting. America first!! Obama 2012!!

  21. First, that would turn Us into Them.

    It’s their party that set up a concentration camp Prison Labor system and set up any mechanisms that would get their retarded asses thrown into such a camp system. There’s about at the most 6 million of them, but that would triple the prison population of the U.S. overnight.

    To do something like that would require mass executions, which a lot of people, including moi, meme ici, oppose.

    And blood lust, once started, is never sated. That’s a good reason to oppose rounding them up. Find a better way to oppose them.

    The stupid monkey-shits want to start an insurrection, they don’t know the least bit about what it’s like. The vast majority of them have never been to war or even in a full-on riot.

    Who will you give the power to, in order to accomplish such a task?

    The Military and Police are already controlled by the same corporations that own the Tea Party.

    It’s going to be a long and bloody business even without setting up Firing Squads and filling the Camp System.

    They’ve already fired the first shots and will be shooting a few more times. And undoubtedly they’re going to be fired upon in return. It’s not something desirable.

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