Republicans hysterically scream: “The Reich is falling! The Reich is falling!”

Bush -no economist, but friends arent complaining
Senator Stevens. Senator Ted Stevens. Your prison cell is ready. He’s the first US Senator to be indicted in 15 years. I’m not so sure that isn’t more of an indictment of the American justice system, though.

Once a con man, always a con man. Are you dumb enough to give all your money to a disgraced preacher?

Next McCain campaign ploy, “Vote for me, I’m white”?

The audacity of hopelessness. Obama’s snore list.

After flipping off the left, Obama falls behind in the polls.

House appologizes for slavery. But will they appologize for ignoring the Constitution? We might have to wait another 150 years for that.

KY Senate candidate called for the genocide of all Arabs. You’d think the fact that he’s also porno star would have sent up a red flag…

House panel votes to hold Karl Rove in contempt of Congress. It’s doubtful Pelosi will allow a full House vote, as her top priorities appear to be protecting the administration, and enabling Bush’s crimes against America.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes July 30,

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