Half of all Americans have below average intelligence

McCain puts lipstick on pigAbuse of power. More information arises about Palin’s persecution of her sister’s ex-husband.
Will Sarah Palin have Anne Kilkenney killed?

Sarah Palin (Armageddon Party) thinks we should invade Russia.

Sarah Palin (Delusion Party) says Iraq attacked us on 9/11.

Palin lied about her never saying global warming isn’t caused by human activity. She challenged Gibson to prove she had, so he did.

Religion is evil incarnate. Vatican issues fatwah against satirist who joked about the bigot Pope.

Religious Reich is spitting fire and brimstone because McCain and Palin didn’t obey their summons to appear.

The latest Christian videogame: commit genocide on Muslims, in Jesus name!

Oh, fuck.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Sept 12 notes, thomasmc.com.

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