Ralph in Kangaroo Land

Kangaroo courtshipRalph Kohlmann presides over Kangaroo Land, Cuba (Guantanamo). Try finding anything much about this Marine Colonel though? He’s top secret!

Recently, Judge Marine Colonel Kohlmann has been warning Kangaroo Land captives that, even as their own lawyers, they can’t see or challenge classified evidence until their trial. Hard to defend oneself from getting the death penalty without knowing what the Pentagon claims is ‘evidence’ if you can’t actually see the ‘evidence’ against you, one would think? But this is military law (JAG) and that is the law of the land in Kangaroo Land, Cuba.

For more info on Kangaroo Land. Strangely, the Miami newspaper has pulled the complete article! I wonder if the Pentagon had anything to do with that? The Pentagon does run happenings in Kangaroo Land, Cuba after all.

Try 9/11 plotters tell Guantanamo judge of legal woes over at the LA Times perhaps? Interesting place, this Kangaroo Land… where torture is law, and law is torture.

Judge Coronel Ralph has been at work in Kangaroo Land for some time. Strange though, there is hardly any info about the guy on the INTERNET. Go figure? Here in this article, read what ‘Muhammad’ had to say about the Ralph back in 2006 ...Lawyer pleads Fifth in dramatic hearing at Guantanamo Bay

And that’s about it in info for this shadow ‘judge’, Marine Coronel Ralph, executioner, judge, and jury of Kangaroo Land, Cuba. Wikipedia can’t find nothing on the guy either! Does it make you proud to be an American?

Take a close look at Kangaroo Land! This is how our country runs ‘legally’
with shadow ‘judges’ , shadow law, and Kafka on hand, in Kangaroo Land, Cuba.

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