Republicans admit! Not-Joe the Not-Plumber Welfare Fraud!!

They’re calling it persecution and retaliation for standing up and basically Lying His Ass Off for McCain…

But there is a closed investigation by the Ohio welfare officials. The only way there could be an investigation by the agency is the Not-Plumber, who says he makes more than three times Minimum Wage, $40K per year… was getting public assistance of some type.
And still not being able to pay his taxes.

The nature of the investigation is sealed, “privacy issues”, but the fact remains, if he hadn’t gotten Welfare the welfare officers couldn’t investigate.

Protective Services, say you? Not so, says I.

That would be something started by the Police, not the welfare folks.

Now, I know, somewhere deep in his nasty little heart, John McCain actually does care as much for the people who only earn Minimum Wage, as he does for somebody making what should be a comfortable living.

Just, you know, voting against raising Minimum Wage every time it comes up for a vote, spends more in a DAY to run the Straight Talk Express Bus than a minimum wage worker makes in ten months.

Never disagrees with the Repuke-lickin’ position that “Working Poor” is a contradiction in terms.

And that deregulation, lots of it, breaking unions, Tax breaks for the rich, all the goodies that would supposedly make a non-union non-certified non-plumber probably would, according to Repuke Propaganda, make him a successful businessman, right…

But he apparently not only couldn’t pay his very low taxes he also took Welfare.

Now, it’s not unusual for Republicans to lie.

In fact, they make a habit of it and they seem to be proud of how effectively they Lie.

Kind of like, a Young, healthy Not-Joe the Not-Plumber supposedly supports the war but ain’t over there fighting in it.

The Personal Cowardice inherent in it is deeply ingrained in the Republican Experience.

But if anything, the fact that Sam the Non-Plumber couldn’t make it in what the Repukes feel is the Ideal Business Environment, then blames it on somebody who was not in power and policies that are not even in place… and have never actually been in place in America.

That’s equally as Hypocritical as their positions on the war.

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