Palin says NUCULAR like ya know who

Sarah Palin Charles Gibson ABC interviewSarah Palin pronounces “nuclear” like President Bush, “nucular.” Ya know, Ya gotta wonder whether “Charlie” came through for ABC viewers, or whether the game afoot is really a jig up. Or trap set. But for whom?

Any number of Palin’s handlers could have made sure Palin sat up straight, or wasn’t positioned to be talked down to by her white male elder. Unless it was meant to look that way.

Gibson’s questions were plain and straightforward, and probably inherently condescending. Could Palin have failed them more miserably? Where could Gibson have gone that wasn’t going to make this Hockey Mom look like she was clutching her purse at a job interview?

Most intriguing to me was the question about the “Bush Doctrine.” Palin didn’t know what it is, but I’d hazard to say neither do you. It’s not like the Monroe Doctrine, or whatever doctrine rebuilt Europe, it’s the term the media has dubbed for George Dubya’s cowboy foreign policy, and obviously they don’t make a big critical to-do about it with us. Sarah Palin huh? Cornering Sarah Palin into trying to conceal that she had no clue to its definition, made the interview look like an ambush.

Can you recite the “Bush Doctrine?” If newsmen and analysts would spell it out, the American public would have called for Bush’s immediate impeachment. Now Palin, thrust cleverly into the role as OUR surrogate, is expected to know what the media has left unspoken?

At first glance I thought ABC came out more aggressively than I expected. Palin certainly did not disappoint with her face plant. But maybe a good many potential McCain voters are going to see their hopes victimized by whatever subtle “shove” they think pushed Sarah over. Especially coming from what they believe to be the Left-leaning media which led Palin unto the ice. Right wing self-described feminists are going to see themselves as victim to Gibson’s paternalistic tone.

ABC may have allowed itself to look like a bully, without asking any of the hard questions about all the representations Palin made in her speech at the RNC. Lies which she’s being allowed to repeat unchanged at every subsequent rally. If they had, at least we’d have answers that Palin would be qualified to give, the proverbial rope with which she’d hang herself.

7 thoughts on “Palin says NUCULAR like ya know who

  1. So what? Who cares how she pronounces tomato, nuclear, or any other word?

    Liberals don’t seem to get it about Palin. There are oodles of conservative women out there and Palin is their gal. They love it that she’s a knuckle head now getting air time, and think it only fair since male knuckleheads are always getting the same time (actually more time) without any comment what-so-ever. This bash the lady routine just won’t work, and is actually counter productive.

    Strangely, Palin has taken the heat off examining the Democratic Party pair, much the same way that the Democratic Party is always taking the heat off Bush and Cheney. What you are left with is liberal twits beating up unfairly on the conservative lady. Or so the conservative ladies will see it that way. Barack got by Hillary and now stumbles with Sarah.

  2. Tony-
    Do you ever read beyond the post titles before you lay in with your comments?

    Stop telling us what merits writing about and what does not. That’s censorship. BTW, the 911-jumper post IS a year old. Can we help yahoos stumbling across it? If you don’t think it’s funny, don’t laugh.

  3. ‘Yahoos’ stumble across that old post while googling ‘9/11’, whether it be a newer post or an older one. As to censorship…? I don’t think that I asked for that much other than saying that the commentary was senseless and served no purpose other than being merely distasteful to many. Why I do not get off into the 9/11 worship thing at all, that still is no reason to be merely aggravating to those that somewhat might. Many people did innocently lose their lives during that attack on the US by former allies of the US government.

  4. can someone please explain to me how it is even possible to mispronounce that word???!!! obama is the NEW CLEAR choice. or at least the articulate choice! i even found a shirt that says new clear choice at i was thinking of buying it but now after reading this i’m definitely going to. down with MCPAIN!!! did you see wanda sykes on leno? youtube it. she tears into palin and mcpain.

  5. What worries me, she does irrevocably, line-in-the-sand, echo and affirm every part of Bush.

    The “God’s Warrior” tripe Bushit put out is spilling freely from her mouth. daily it seems.

    Maybe she doesn’t say it daily herself, her recorded image and voice says it daily though.

    Tear it down and not only does it match all of what we’re allowed to hear of the Taliban talking points, the most radical and hate filled, it has none of the more moderate.

    If God were indeed leading George or Sarah then God would be a rather poor sort of Divine Being fellow.It’s Painfully Annoying to me, because these are the same ones who tell us that defying the president is the same as Blasphemy.

    Of course, I also say that what they preach is Blasphemy.

    So we’re even…

    …except I don’t actually go around killing people, that sort of makes a Huge Difference there.

  6. Sarah Palin makes me sick – she acts like real life is one of those cutie pie flicks in the vein of “Legally Blonde” where a somewhat attractive bimbo rises to the top like scum against all odds – despite double digit IQ. Not even funny in movies, let alone our lives! And will you protect us from NUCULAR dangers with your sassy wit, hockey momsey?

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