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Death of a Chaplain.

First, it should be noted that Doctors, Psychiatrists and Chaplains are, like everybody else in the services, Combatants under the Geneva Conventions. Their orders are to keep the soldiers physically and mentally and “morally” able to follow their orders, which are to Kill Other Human Beings. That’s the whole purpose of a Military Organization. Although sometimes, if the Other Human Beings grovel enough to them (like Karzhai and al Maliki do) they’ll be allowed to live, just as slaves. So when a “Mountain Post” Chaplain, Baptist Minister, got blown away in VietRaqiStan early last month, and the local news kept up the steady patter about how he volunteered for “duty” after the 9/11 Bush-ordered Mass Murder, to spread the word of Jesus. Only, Jesus never told anybody to Kill anybody. So Chaplains have to make shit up in order to justify what they’re ordered to do, keep the Soldiers and Airmen and Marines and Sailors from feelings of guilt and remorse over Killing Other Human Beings.

Preachers, religious leaders, and other propagandists for the Enemy-du-Jour are frequently targeted under legal codes naming them as accomplices. Under the Bush Doctrine, which Obama never repealed, anybody who “gives aid and comfort” even by failing to enthusiastically support Killing Other Human Beings could be determined by a Homeland Security or Military or even Mercenary Contractor Assassination Squad to be an Enemy Combatant.

Without, of course, trial, charges, any kind of Rule of Law stuff.

These are the same kinds of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity for which first Nazis convicted at Nurnberg and many Iraqi officials were executed.

But because the U.S. Chaplains are Americans and for the most part Christian (there are also Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Native American Church, Wiccan etc Chaplains, so it’s almost an equal opportunity to sell the souls of your congregation deal), well, you do the math.

But, really, what exactly differentiates a Christian Chaplain from any other propagandist?

In Christian, Judaic and Muslim laws one of God’s Top Ten List is “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”. I don’t know the details on Sikh or Hindu or Buddhist or whoever else, completely out of range of my experience. I’m pretty sure they’ve got laws against blasphemy and killing as well.

Fact is, the Chaplain in question wasn’t, under the definitions he was hired and commanded to propagate and reinforce, “murdered”. But that’s a technicality. He might have embraced it, in fact there’s no way to be a Military (or Paramilitary, like the Police) Chaplain and say anything at all contrary to what you’re ordered to say.

Not ordered by God to say it, but by the Empire.

That brings up another issue. The Chaplains are also commanded (and could conceivably get the death penalty under a charge of Mutiny) to tell their Congregants that GOD, Himself, tells them they must obey every order of the Emperor.

The good Chaplain might have accepted these precepts, and sold them wholesale to his flock, (Pastor means Shepherd, every pastor is a preacher but, especially in Baptist churches, not every preacher is a pastor), that Murder by an Army is different from Murder by an individual.

If he was a willing accomplice in his own murder, then, hey, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do”

Religion isn’t as simple as it seems from the outside.

The CROCK keeps ticking on “24” Pro-Torture Anti-Freedom War-Gasm show.

Kiefer Sutherland strokes again. Strokes that Cheney Fantasy about how Torture is Good (for something other than a quick orgasm)
Maybe he ought to be strapped into a chair and punched in the middle of his Smug face, just to give him a little tiny taste of the bullshit his Terrorist Heroes, the ones he and his co-“stars” portray, put REAL Men through. MEN whose butts he’s not worthy to kiss.
He’s smart enough and educated enough to realize that what he’s doing is LYING, and that the LIES he portrays on-screen keep the Hate-and-War Murder Machine rolling for his Masters. He’s the lowest form of Babykiller and he God-damn knows it.
His Sanity Challenged Fans who watch “24” MIGHT not be smart enough to recognize it.
They might actually BELIEVE that somehow every week at whatever time the ShitShow is on, a Torture Freak named Jack Bow-wow (or MeeHoff?) saves New York City from nuclear armed Terrorists.

Maybe they’re really aware of what LIES they tell to get their War-Gasm going., and like him and Cheney and Bush and Rove and the rest of their Murdering Accomplices, they just don’t give a shit.

How about it, War Pigs? Chime in, tell the truth for the first time in your nasty little pathetic cowardly lives… Are you, indeed, aware that you’re Murdering Sick Bastards, or are you just too God-damn retarded to tell the difference?

Well well. Looks like the Pentagon-CIA types don’t actually want an independent Afghanistan..

Karzhai is reportedly hopping angry about the arrest of the “NumberTwo” Taliban chieftain being arrested in Pakistan last month.
Seems the “Free, Independent and Not A Washington Puppet” government of Kabul (and whatever other parts of Afghanistan happen to be occupied heavily at the time, but really, it’s just Kabul) (and sometimes not even Kabul) were negotiating with the Taliban Chieftain (and really, Washington Folks who monitor our blog and others like us, when you say out of one side of your face that the Taliban aren’t a centralized government and then say out the other side that they have a Set Heirarchy and chain of command, you’re lying at least once, M’kay? and some of us ARE smart enough to see the difference)
So, what then WAS the point of Washington Grandstanding in arresting somebody under a flag of truce? Not like it’s the first time the Army ever fired on a White Flag either.

Could it be that Washington doesn’t want Afghanistan to assert any authority of their own to make peace with Their Own People?

Did they fire on this particular White Flag in order to prolong the war which is only profitable for a very few… like the ones who set the policy up in the first damn place?

The ones who would have to find some other way or some other WAR to use as a conduit for syphoning Public Funds to their Private Pockets?

Cheney, perhaps? Erik Prince? Rove? Wolfowicz?

They went out Tiger hunting, with their elephants and guns…

… and Paul, Ringo and the estates of John and George are gonna sue me…
But in the Smokescreen Media, where rumors of a Black Man having sex is more important than massive firepower being thrown at what was the poorest country on earth, until they dismantled the economy of Haiti, well…
They have to do SOMETHING to distract people from such unimportant stuff like the Former First “lady” Clinton saying that IRAN has a military dictatorship, while and at the same time the U.S. Army is busy dismantling the Local Government in Helmand Province and replacing it with a U.S. Military Dictatorship.

At an undisclosed price vis-avis Loss of Human Life.
The Army says Ooops, 12 civilians blown to hell by one of their “Smart” Bombs. They don’t say how many were children, my guess is “all”.
If I’m wrong, Prove it.
They’re also only reporting ONE incident. That usually means they did a lot of OOPSIE moments.

Hey, hey, USA
How Many Civilian Kids did you Kill Today?

So, they’re recycling the Tiger Woods crap, “How DARE that uppity negro have sex with more than one person? Doesn’t he know that because he can play golf very well, he’s supposed to be a Role Model for our kids?”

Because, you know, the Haters SERIOUSLY aren’t good Role Models, so they have to set up somebody who doesn’t even KNOW their kids as a Role Model.

Look how well their efforts to be “role models” to kids in Afghanistan are panning out.

“Now, Kids, if you insist on following your own culture which is several thousand years older than ours, and believing that your culture and religious mores are every bit as good as Our Superior White-Oriented Culture, then we’ll have to snuff your uppity little brown arses”

And of course do it in the name of Christ and Freedom.

And smokescreen it with lurid stories of a Black man having sex with white women.