US Labor Day turned into an extra day to shop for crap at Walmart

18volgaboatmen.jpg …The US Labor Movement is in shambles and is no force at all in the economic life of this country. This is as a result of having a group of labor union heads totally tied to the Democratic Party and co-opted by big business since the post World War 2 era. What was created by radicals amongst the working class way back in the ’30s has been thrown away, and today US Labor Day is nothing more than another day when workers go to Walmart.

Labor ‘solidarity’ has now been reduced to voting for the likes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden and praying that one does not lose the small equity one might have on a home or a car. It’s a sad day for the workers of America who face illness and old age with shredded full of holes retirement and medical care plans. Brother can you spare a dime? has been changed to ‘Brother can you spare a Hundred? My car ran out of gas and we got nothing to eat.’ Labor buys nothing more than poverty for so many.

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