America only cares about itself

haitiHaiti under water. Whole cities are submerged in the aftermath of hurricanes that did little damage to the US. Hundreds, if not thousands, dead. And Haiti, an occupied country, occupied thanks to the President of the United States, George W. Bush. Occupied Haiti, thanks to the Democratic Party that went along with the Republicans to occupy Haiti with foreign troops and keep it under foreign military rule.

Have you heard a word about the US rushing supplies and assistance in to Haiti? Or is it only the US rushing to re-equip the Georgian military for yet another attack against Russia and its allies? Do we have time to help Haiti when we are in a rush to go to war with Iran? Do we have any concern at all for Haitians? Haiti and the Hurricanes

Not really. America really only cares about itself.

1 thought on “America only cares about itself

  1. I think most Americans have completely forgotten that we occupy Haiti. Or Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Samoa, or anywhere else. Most don’t have a clue that we stole Texas from Mexico. What amazes me is how most Americans have such high opinions of Americans, when we are the greediest, most selfish and self-centered (and thus, most ignorant) people on the planet.

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