CC newspaper can misreport like a pro

While I’m picking on Colorado College, have a look at what passes for journalism the Catalyst:
Sarah Palin visits Springs
The McCain/Palin RNC speeches had already been exposed for lies by the time the two visited Colorado Springs. But the candidates repeat their earmarks/reform misrepresentations which reporters parrot without so much as a raised eyebrow. Even now the corporate media won’t call the GOP on their doublespeak. I guess neither will CC journalism students.

What kind of cheerleading did the students feel had been left out of the Gazette and Denver Post coverage? The reporter described the Colorado Springs streets lined on both sides with McCain supporters, without a mention of the prominent presence of the protesters. What a shame/sham.

No doubt a Communications Major now requires a class in UNETHICS. Who am I to judge students trying to qualify for jobs in today’s corporate state? Once more Colorado College students confirm their school’s common function as purveyor of Neo-liberal Arts.

I’d actually like to draw your attention to the article at the upper right of the front page, about the campus NEW ALCOHOL POLICY. While the drinking age in Colorado remains 21, Colorado College is relaxing its enforcement of underage drinking. This would be applicable to two thirds of the CC student body. Apparently being able to drink is a benefit the college would like to provide, regardless the laws of Colorado.

Colorado College has had its share of drinking fatalities, and neighborhood disturbances, but I guess having a campus conducive to partying would be too important to infringe upon. Especially as CC’s academic successes warrant their students being able to kick back.

Really, the college does have a stellar faculty, but even their assessment of the caliber of today’s students has perhaps become myopic. Unless the quality of America’s students as a whole has degraded to this untenable uneducable extreme.

Wake up CC alums, your campus is gone to the dogs. Drunken wet ignorant dogs. I can’t think of what could smell worse.

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  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    The college has a stellar faculty? I’d be curious to know which, if any, of CCs faculty members are nationally-recognized scholars of note. Any Nobel prize winners like Tom Cech? Any true change agents like Ward Churchill? Any long-running international events like the Annual Conference on World Affairs? Oh, sorry, that’s CU-Boulder I’m thinking of.

    No, CC is “stellar” like the Colorado Springs art and music scene is “stellar.” Like our retail shopping is “stellar.” Like our SkySox and “SoDo” are stellar.

    CC is a second-rate college, with a second-rate faculty, and an increasingly rich and disconnected second-rate student body. One need only look at the speakers that The Colorado College brings to town, the pathetic and unquestioning students that turn up for extra credit, and the local “liberal” not-so-intelligentsia that show up time after time to be “offended” by inconsequential nobodies, incapable of sparking even lively conversation let alone revolution, [deep breath] to know that CC is not a college of distinction or importance, much as we wish it were.

    Don’t go eat the pablum they offer. Demand solid food.

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