Will a daughter’s second pregnancy obfuscate Governor Palin’s coverup?

Bristol Palin nurses Baby TrigThis story is not about the Palin daughter, it’s about VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Who was it that dragged young Bristol Palin’s private life into the political fray? The GOP would like to say it was Leftist bloggers. But who decided these not-ready-for- prime-time family foibles should face the scrutiny of an election podium?

A further preface: has a US public yet showed an interest in the real culpability of a politician?

Really, I’m not in the least prepared to allow the “left” to tell us what arguments should or shouldn’t be raised against Palin and the family members she drags into her schemes.

The Palin/McCain handlers think they’d averted a media firestorm by recasting the scandal as a simple teenage pregnancy. To counter accusations that VP candidate Sarah Palin lied about who mothered Baby Trig, they’ve announced that Bristol is NOW five-months pregnant. We’re supposed to do the math and conclude she couldn’t have birthed Baby Trig, when of course, there’s no corroborating testimony about Bristol’s condition, and there won’t be because inquests into the candidate’s children are off the table.

Redefining the Baby Trig news byte as a self-effacing confession about a pre-marital teenage pregnancy has so far shamed the critics. Even Obama is put in the position to be indignant for Bristol’s privacy. I’m amazed that the discourse has been about John McCain’s vetting process, instead of his good judgment of Sarah Palin’s character. Does a candidate pick a running mate based on their being impervious to scandal, or based on their capabilities as a partner?

A teenage pregnancy or two, a mother covering for her daughter, even pulling out all stops to help your sister in a custody battle with her ex, these are not uncommon predicaments for families anywhere. These things show Sarah Palin to be simply all too human. Being tempted to conceal your frailty is no great vanity either. But is succumbing to the common an indication of the strength of character required of a leader?

Going from junior college to council-person of a pop 7,000 person town to governor to potential President of the United States is a Heratio Alger story that feeds our American Dream. We all want to think we’re just one Lotto win away from riches. Of course, scratching a winning lottery number would qualify us for a life of leisure until the money’s gone. But some doddering Senator lifting us up from obscurity based on photogenic and possibly oratory skill can’t possibly qualify a person for a position of great responsibility and tact. In light of (just four days worth so far) of evidence to the contrary.

7 thoughts on “Will a daughter’s second pregnancy obfuscate Governor Palin’s coverup?

  1. Tony, I would opine on that comment if I had time, but I have to get Eric’s dinner started.

  2. You douchebage liberals are just scared and lashing out at out of FEAR !!! Like the animals you and your candidate (osama) are….

    Dont hate….embrace ! You better get used to it…

  3. I fear your kind Gallo (USWarHorse3). Very greatly I do.

    But I’m heartened knowing that one day you will face judgment. And I have every confidence that’s going to be very satisfying.

  4. That’s right! Zeus will destroy you, GalloRoman! BTW, doesn’t your name mean ‘Roman Chicken’ in translation from the Pig Latin? Roaming Chicken, perhaps?

    ‘Damn douchebags!’ hehehe….

  5. If she is a self proclaimed “pit bull with lipstick” then now we know she certainly is a real Bitch! She said so herself. I know, the right wing will be happy when God punishes me for not supporting her and the Neocon agenda. Lets each build an alter and douse it with water, the one who gets God to start it on fire will be the winner, Deal? That should settle it. (if I win, it will be because the devil did it and God was too busy you will probably say…)

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