The 3 types of police infiltrators of dissident groups

1) The police guy who tries to get somebody to do something illegal. Often times these cops will dress up and be part of a demonstrating crowd.

They will often do something that gives the other cops, those in uniform, an excuse to attack the crowd. These cops will pretend to be one of the group in order to destroy the group by wild actions initiated by the cop infiltrators themselves.

2) The most gung ho and dedicated guy. These cops are always the best builders of the organization. They always manage to come up with ways to stifle the group by being ‘the best’ in the organization. They aim to become one of the leadership bloc.

3) The thug. The thug is somebody that comes around to intimidate by his presence. He comes and pretends to be just interested. He stands out. He repulses by his presence. His intent is to send a threatening message by just being there. He gives off a chill that is hard to miss, and hard to get rid of, since he never does anything really wrong, except by spying, intimidating, and being just generally nasty. His presence is a threat of worse to come.

These are the 3 types of cop infiltrators of dissident organizations. In America, billions of dollars are spend annually to observe, infiltrate,and disrupt dissident organizations. Funny, really, since there are so few actual dissidents in the US. But then again, this is government that is at war continually with shadows, most from their own imagination.

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