Who’s your daddy?

It is the mainstay of both standard American law and the afternoon talk show and TV judge programs. It is the sad and sick concentration on tracking down the biological dad and making him pay…. literally.

It is the cornerstone of a society that takes no real responsibility itself in taking care of its own children…’ Who’s the daddy? You’re going to have to pay!’

I wonder always at how sick we have become as a group when watching these sick shows that concentrate so much on opening the envelope with the official DNA analysis results of who’s the daddy? Men start to clap when the tests clear them, and women weep, too, if they have not succeeded in putting some man or other into officially sanctioned financial bondage.

And to listen to the sanctimonious talk show host, TV judge, or real judge dispensing that moral condemnation at the fingered ‘dead beat’. It’s sick to think of children being raised in such demented sickness passed off as being justice. Rich dad, rich kid. Poor dad, poor kid. Government demanding that the wallet be grabbed, even as the government itself takes about ZERO responsibility in doing what it should be doing for kids.

So little love going around… so much… ‘Who’s your daddy?’ Pity the children. Don’t they deserve not having The State doing this to their dads. Dads that have to be forced to pay are certainly not going to be happy and loving dads. Especially when there is no other involvement in the kids lives due to often times the government mandating that there be little or no involvement.

‘Who’s your daddy?’ asks the government. We need to get the government to stop forcing kids into poverty and to stop haranguing dads. We need a government that makes cities safe for children and that funds real education and not just the pretense of it. We need a government that covers all children with full health care benefits. We need a government that stops stealing from the kids to fund police, soldiers, and the industries that profit off war and excessive prisons. We need a government that cares for the people, children included, and that doesn’t just steal off them.

‘Who’s their daddies?’ I don’t care who they biologically are. I care about them all and it makes me sick to see a government treat the kids, sick, and elderly as bad as ours is doing and plans to continue doing. ‘Who’s the biological dad? You should be ashamed for wanting to know. It makes no difference, Uncle Sam.

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