The Beatles were counter-revolutionary

It sounds sexy, like “counter-culture.” But counter-revolutionaries were the Tsarist forces, or Loyalists in our hemisphere, who countered the revolutionary surges of the masses. The Beatles expressed themselves as being against the war, and Lennon ultimately gave the peace movement its anthem. But in 1968, when the Beatles were preaching peace and non-violence, Mick Jaggar was marching at the front of the student riots in London. Which actions ultimately closed down the Vietnam War? Was it Haight-Ashbury or the Left Bank? Was it Woodstock or American GIs finally fragging their officers? If you wonder why today’s pop icons say only what’s approved . . .
FLIP YOUR WIG game pieces George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

1 thought on “The Beatles were counter-revolutionary

  1. Oh blimey.

    Critics who expect artists to rise above the exploitation probably have a day job where they hide their own hypocrisies. The Beatles? They didn’t even manage to procure the rights to their own songs! And the Stones – well – from Nazi-rumors to Altamont… it’s all gossip and history’s rear-view of poli-correct-a-parrot, now isn’t it?

    I like the music by both bands and more. I also know both bands were groomed and censored like most youth efforts, i.e. Cocksucker Blues, Mary Jane Had A Pain, the butchered meat album cover for the beatles, etc.

    If anything about censorship or pop guru lemming sales is news to anyone I’m sure there’s a Britney article waiting just for them. No one needs a cyber-chapman ghost to kill a cyber-lennon ghost. Their war is over if you want it to be.

    In Vegas there’s always a magic act looking for those who can suspend disbelief the longest. In reality, it’s another monster truck dressed in jungle green. Kill the impure music, this truck likes the sound of the horn better.

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