The real Sandinistas are fed up with Daniel Ortega’s pathetic regime

There is so little hope in the pathetic Daniel Ortega… that Nicaragua’s foremost Sandinista musician has withdrawn permission for this sad sack cabal around Ortega, the current Nicaraguan President, to continue to represent itself as Sandinista by using his extremely popular music at their events. See news item, Sandinistas split over revolution hymn

Another fitting image about the sad state of affairs in Nicaragua that left an impression one me, was to see capitalist advertising for an American company hanging from the Nicaraguan National Assembly building! It would kind of be like seeing WalMart being allowed to hang its company’s advertisement from the White House! Or even worse, having a Chinese bank hanging its banners there. What a vivid sign of how degraded and debased Nicaragua has become from the continued American domination over its national life.

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