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Goodbye, Hero Soldier Thomas Borge. You tried when others didn’t give a shit

Here was one soldier that was a real hero to me Tomas Borge Martinez, 81, co-founder of Nicaraguan Sandinistas because he wasn’t one of those stupid trailer trash boys and girls who sign up mainly to get the GI benefits and to strut around proclaiming themselves to be some sort of hero when they aren’t that at all. Instead, Tomas Borge was a true soldier hero of his country.
Against all odds, Tomas Borge has died in old age. Now that you’ve read the corporate and US government bullshit about Tomas Borge in the first link in this article, perhaps you might be interested in reading another point of view to that crap? Perhaps…? Reflections on the Death of the Sandinista Leader- The Personal Revenge of Tomas Borge.

I have my own views about him since I kind of met him somewhat personally, when I first visited Nicaragua back in 1985 during a trip across much of Central America where I ran across many other soldiers at ‘work’ as well as Borge himself, who was head of the Sandinista army at that time.

Hannity spinning, spinning, just not, alas, in his grave… yet.

Plenty of time for that though. All his Ill Gotten Gold won’t save him.
The Pope, the one Hannity and others praised for “saving the Catholic Church from a Marxist rebellion”… having a little bit of trouble. However are they going to spin that against their previous comments about Liberation Theology being “destroyed” by a pastoral letter written before he was a Cardinal?

What I as a Christian object to is that many will see ALL Christians as being represented by such Bigoted Capitalist Thieves like Hannity and the rest of the crew at Fox News and their Fellow Travellers. Like the Klan and THEIR subsidiary the Tea Party.

Nice bunch of fellows they’re promoting as being the Next Leaders of America. With, of course, Hegemony, ordained by God, Himself, over the entire world.

Which is what Liberation Theology opposes. With no blessing at all from his “holiness” Poop Been-a-dick.

The real Sandinistas are fed up with Daniel Ortega’s pathetic regime

There is so little hope in the pathetic Daniel Ortega… that Nicaragua’s foremost Sandinista musician has withdrawn permission for this sad sack cabal around Ortega, the current Nicaraguan President, to continue to represent itself as Sandinista by using his extremely popular music at their events. See news item, Sandinistas split over revolution hymn

Another fitting image about the sad state of affairs in Nicaragua that left an impression one me, was to see capitalist advertising for an American company hanging from the Nicaraguan National Assembly building! It would kind of be like seeing WalMart being allowed to hang its company’s advertisement from the White House! Or even worse, having a Chinese bank hanging its banners there. What a vivid sign of how degraded and debased Nicaragua has become from the continued American domination over its national life.

Cesar Sandino versus the US drug fiends

Sandino official postal sealEmiliano Zapata was assassinated on this day, April 10, 1919.
The Poncho Villa or Emiliano Zapata of Central America, who like Zapata gave his name to a rebel movement that would eventually oust American imperialism from its shores, was Augusto Cesar Sandino. Did you know that is where the Sandinistas of Nicaragua (FSLN) got their name?

La soberanía de un pueblo no se discute,
se defiende con el arma en la mano.

Cesar Sandino fought an undeclared war against US Marines, which made him an illegal combatant. When Sandino captured a US aviator, tried him for having bombed innocent civilians, and sentenced him to hang –in American eyes, outside of the law– the US declared Sandino and his fighters to be terrorists and exempt from protection under the Hague Conventions.

Sandino fought the Americans for six years until he was assassinated during a cease-fire in 1933 by the Samoza regime which would rule Nicaragua with America’s backing until 1979. After 1979 Ronald Reagan and his Contras would redouble US persecution of the Nicaraguans.

The above image depicts a Nicaraguan freedom fighter about to decapitate a vanquished US marine. This served as Sandino’s official postal stamp. Sandino was equally eloquent in words:

Come on you pack of drug fiends, come on and murder us on our own land. I am waiting for you on my feet at the head of my patriotic soldiers, and I don’t care how many of you there are. You should know that when this happens, the destruction of your mighty power will make the Capitol shake in Washington, and your blood will redden the white dome that crowns the famous White House where you plot your crimes.