Clinton’s South American death squads haunt Bush on tour

That other US war is still in the news outside of the US. That war the liberal Democrats want us all to forget about. Colombia.

The Clinton Era foisted off on us more than a few acts of US government military interventionism besides the US War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia. The other big one (other than the war waged by the Clinton team against Iraq) was the intervention into the long festering Colombian Civil War. There our government went in big sponsoring and funding military created death squads called paramilitaries.

The big pretense was that these were private Colombian military units ouside of Colombian and American government control, but that lie is coming unglued in a huge scandal now being unfolded in the Latin American press. Bush enters with his LA/ Hollywood propaganda tour in the middle of all this, and has good coverage of this.

US Out of Colombia!

1 thought on “Clinton’s South American death squads haunt Bush on tour

  1. As I remember, cause I get soooo very pissed about the Iran/Contra affair, the Medellin folks and their buddy in Panama, were up to their necks in that little deal. Panama and Colombia allowed the Contras to base operations there.

    The Great Coke Wave was washing over us. I couldn’t score weed in El Paso but there was sure plenty of Cocaine.

    Then the big players in it, the ones with the information on Reagan/Bush/Casey, started getting busted and/or offed.

    Eden Pastora ought to watch his back, all things considered.

    His buddy North was down there campaigning for him last year.

    The New World Order don’t play.

    — Manny Noriega and Saddam Hussein ought to be object lessons to him…

    They get used up and spit out on a far too regular basis.

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