The sitting on their thumbs liberals

Let’s fact it. American liberals are a total bunch of perpetual losers. They are a perpetual loser machine, and the reason why is that they are completely addicted to the Democratic Party, an apparatus that is more undemocratic than any Diebold voting machine in Florida could ever be.

The head honcho of the Democratic Party Leadership Council was on TV last night, and he assured his audience that he ‘has good ties to both Hillary and Barrack’. Well no shit Sherlock!

And the stupid Green Party ‘democrats’ are waiting, waiting, waiting…. Yawn… they’re out cold already. Liberalism is stupid, stupid, stupid, and not even God himself could save the stupid American liberal from him/herself. All they know how to do is vote, vote, vote. Other than that, they are totally decommissioned folk. ‘Green’ or donkey liberals???… they all be damned.

There is no anger in America, just dull dazed whining liberals who ‘don’t like Dubya’. They are the perfect match for dull dazed reactionary retards, that just don’t like Hillary because she is a cold calculating whore. This dichotomy is ‘politics’ in The Empire.

Inflated liberals, deflated liberals???? It makes no difference. Poor souls, bless them as they sneeze out their good will. Liberals offer no change in the future because they can only leap ahead into yet another of their ‘Anybody but the Republicans’ campaign. Even if they were to ‘win’, the liberal will get another Republican simply because that’s what they deserve.

Liberals or conservatives, America is a dead place. There is no hope at all for such a vacuous nation. We can look into Iraq and see the mirror of America’s soul, our American colony. And at the heart of the matter is that the sitting on their thumbs liberal, who is America’s conscience…. the whiny do-nothing liberal can do nothing but whine and vote, wine and vote.

The liberal will always fail to materialize. The liberal will always fail. The liberal will always be unhappy with the result. The liberal cannot change, nor cannot make CHANGE.

2 thoughts on “The sitting on their thumbs liberals

  1. What an innane, pointless rant. Suggestion: use an outline to organize your thoughts. And, if you have a point and want others to understand it, present facts, not an emotional diatribe.

    This post isn’t worthy of “Not My Tribe”.

  2. Interesting that you called what I wrote a ‘rant’, Old Bogus, yet you yourself do not address anything of substance to my point that liberals are sitting on their thumbs and are addicted to doing nothing more than waiting for the candidates’ to be made for them by an undemocratic Democratic Party power structure.

    Until liberals can break from passively voting for all the whoevers picked for them to vote for inside the DP, then the US is forever stalled. I have more hope for the people who don’t vote to change things than for the voters to ever do so.

    The real poverty of discourse is in all those liberals microscopically examining the current crop of DP hacks for supposed differences that they can find hope in and then slobbering and babbling about it all.

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