Core religious value of Mormons is hate

MormonsThe Mormons are a hateful group of elitists, and though ostracized throughout much of their history for it, just keep on finding an angle to spread their hate outward and onto others. Like the Catholic Church, another elitist group of Christians with a long history of spreading hate against others throughout the world, the Mormons are a hierarchical group of religious fanatics. You can see that easily enough in their youth, who often are going by in pairs, dressed in ties, riding their bicycles to who knows where? That’s the junior rank for men.

Notice they never have women in pairs in Sunday best on those bicycles. I guess they don’t think that women are capable of riding them? Kind of reminds one of the Saudi malefolk and how they are with their women driving cars.

The Mormons have always hated others than themselves, especially those who they considered low in status. That, of course would include Native Americans, Blacks, outsiders of any non-Christian heathen variety, and YES, Gays. Sheldon Rampton examines Mormon Homophobia up close and personal, where he mentions the fact that the Mormon Church spent $20 million spreading their hate against Gays in California’s last election. The best way to shut these hate mongers up is to take away their tax exempt status, would it not be? In fact, we need to do that with all the hate mongering Christian Churches. Certainly if Islamic charities can be persecuted for their religion’s charity works, the Christians need to at least get their tax exempt status rejected. Demand it next church service, in fact. It’s more than high time to get the churches out of politics!

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46 Responses to Core religious value of Mormons is hate

  1. Avatar luke weyland says:

    The core value of no religion is hate. Read their holy books.

    Though I respectfully see religion, in all its forms, as a load of balony, I desise all who try to get me to hate others because they are Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or Mormon.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Nobody here is trying to get you to hate Mormons at all, Luke. However, we are pointing out that the Mormon practice is loaded down with much hatred in it… a long history of hatred of others, too.

    I would say that your other statement is totally incorrect, too.

    ‘The core value of no religion is hate. Read their holy books.’

    Yes we have already. The core value of the Old Testament is about as hateful a doctrine as one could ever imagine, too. Many have pointed this out over and over before us even, but you see the opposite here.

    What about the Old Testament’s (God’s) constant calling for the extermination of other peoples do you not see as being hateful? That is doctrine, and the history of Christian practice has not exactly been none hate filled either. Has it?

    So when we see a bunch of sanctimonious types like the Mormons and other Christians getting on their high horses and preaching to others, we are not calling for hatred of these sinners but simply recognition of what a bunch of crap most of what they push really is.

  3. Avatar Marcus Rhodes says:

    The HELL you aren’t trying to get people to hate Mormons! And THAT, my friend, is the very definition of a hate crime, and YOU are guilty of hypocrisy. Moreover, hate is a relative, not an absolute thing. If I hate racism, am I guilty of this imaginary offense of hatred? No!

    Mormons hate only hatred (like yours), hell, evil in all its forms, and newspeak, in this case, from a global conspiracy trying to force onto an unreceptive world a new definition of what was always a religious institution, and that because of their (your) hatred for religion and its institutions.


  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    And how much money has the Mormon church spent trying to get people to hate Gays?

    ‘If I hate racism, am I guilty of this imaginary offense of hatred? No!’

    And speaking of racism and the Mormons…..? Well that’s a story, too.

  5. Hey! Guess What? I AM mormon, and I am incredibly insulted of what your saying about us!!!! We don’t critzise your religon, we respect it. And for the ‘GAY” thing, we don’t like it or support it, and we don’t pay people to stop AT ALL. We just don’t like it. Infact, we give money(even outside our church) to the poor, legally poor! So we, speaking for all Mormons, will stop this iditodic stuff, and start going to places to that will get you the RIGHT information. Thank-you very much!
    P.S. I very much appreciate those who stands up for religon beliefs! Thanks, again, and keep it up!

  6. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    With Islam advocating the death of “non-believers”, I’d say Mormonism is pretty benign.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Islam does not advocate the death of non-believers. Did you get that from the Mormons, ‘Cook’? I did not know that the Israeli military were into Mormonism?

    And YES, the Mormon Church has been big into funding the defeat of ballot measures that the Gay Community supported, Jasmyn. Why don’t you keep your ugly church out of trying to hurt other groups of people?

  8. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    Do you know what a fatwa is? How about jihad? Shahid? Maybe you have heard about martyrdom? Suicide bombing?
    Was Theo van Gogh murdered by a Mormon?

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I don’t see you ranting against the Protestant and Catholic Churches, Big Guy. What religion do you think killed those 6,000,000 Jews?

    OH! I forgot, Your ‘Jewish State’ is allied with countries full of Protestants and Catholics and now you want them to help your Jewish State kill millions of Muslims, too, in places like Somalia and Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

  10. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    The National Socialist German Workers’ Party had no stated religion, they were pagans. It was anti-religion Nazi Fascist supremacists who committed the Holocaust.

  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Oh right. The German Nazis were ‘pagans’ and not Christians…. Lol…. You guys take the cake, you know it?

  12. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    The Nazis were ANTI-religious.

  13. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Most Nazis were good Christians and it was because most Germans were good Christians back then , too. And beside, the German Nazis had Christian fascist allies all throughout Europe. I guess you want to call them ‘pagans’, too, Little Ms, IDF ‘cook’?

    This effort to pretend that the Nazis were something called ‘pagans’ is just so pathetic and only goes to help cover up for how Israeli Jews now cooperate in espousing their own hatreds against Muslims and Arabs with the same forces that once murdered off so many of Europe’s Jewish population. Shame on the Jewish State!

  14. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    Here’s a list of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists. How many are Mormons?

  15. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The Jewish State is like a kid that gets picked on so then goes and finds another kid even less able to defend himself, and then beats the crap out of him and then returns to the biggest kid bully and brags about what he has just done.

  16. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    No, I just repeatedly show you to be consistently uninformed and ill-prepared to debate with even a modicum of knowledge or reliable research You bore me.

  17. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Good, then get lost.

    But you will not actually do that because spamming Not My Tribe is your actual paid-for work, incredible as that might seem to many. To them I can only say, billions are spent to make war making move on permanently. Propaganda delivery is an important part of where that money is spent.

  18. Avatar Lone Danite says:

    LOL! You’re an idiot.

  19. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You should talk! I followed your name to the link you gave us and I’m nothing of an idiot compared to yourself. But thanks for writing.

  20. Avatar Rob says:

    I’m mormon, and I don’t hate anybody. I’ve taught sunday school to new members for 2 years now, and I’ve yet to give the “you’re supposed to hate people” lesson. Can you show me where that is in the book?

    Here’s the link to the book I teach out of. Could you show me where the hate is?


  21. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    Maybe I’m out of the loop on this whole Mormon crime wave thing, but, have there been incidents of Mormon suicide bombers and car bombers and Mormons hijacking airplanes and crashing airplanes into buildings and Mormons calling for the destructon of countries and genocide of entire races or religions?

  22. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Latter-Day Saints Coalition Against Torture Call To Action at the website

  23. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    You stay up at night worrying about torturing terrorists plotting to kill innocent people? I sleep better knowing the CIA is working to protect me and my family from harm.

  24. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    First off, nobody should be tortured, whether guilty of a crime or not. You have talked up a storm on this blog about how all legalities are observed in regard to Israeli aggression against Palestinians and YET, you don’t even have the least understanding of what I just said!

    Second, most of the people who were (and are) subjected to torture are innocents. The people who tortured them are the greater criminals, another reality that you don’t comprehend.

    The sad fact of life on this planet is that most governments on this earth are run by criminals for criminals. The law actually most often works in reverse to protect the guilty rather than to protect us from the guilty. The ‘law’ is used almost everywhere to maintain a status quo that allows the most criminal among ourselves a measure of protection for themselves, while the rest of us are mainly screwed by them. American Law is no different.

  25. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    “First off, nobody should be tortured, whether guilty of a crime or not.”

    I agree, however, we are talking about aggressive interrogation, not torture, of ticking time bombs, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who are sitting on crucial information about impending terrorist attacks, like the plans to blow up the Library Tower in Los Angeles. CIA officials have said the use of water-boarding extracted information from him that he was previously resistant to divulging. In the end, saving the lives of thousands of American citizens is infinitly more important than the comfort of a terrorist.

  26. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No we are not talking about ‘aggressive interrogation’ and you labelling torture as such shows exactly where you are coming from. Further your denial about all the innocent people that torture is actually used on around the globe as well as in US prisons further demonstrates your basic character defects.

    The US government and its allies have always used covert torture on prisoners, and it is unfortunate that Right Wingers like ‘Dan’ of the Israeli military internet propaganda squad get assisted by the corporate media to confine their discussion of US government torture to just a few of the victims of it.

    Us on the Left though have demonstrated against US torturing of prisoners all our lives. We know about the School of America’s Latin American torture school. We know about how the US backs up torture in places like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, not to mention in Israel and other locales around the globe. Further we know about US torture use in SE Asia and Korea. We have spent much of our lives protesting against this torture use and trying to let other Americans know about its existence. And we know that the ‘Dans’ of the globe don’t give much a damn about all this either.

  27. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    Water-boarding is a college fraternity hazing stunt. It’s not torture. Even if it were torture, if it helps save lives, do it.

  28. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Two Mormons & Two Different Ethics on Torture
    Assistant Attorney General Bybee and Army Specialist Peterson
    by Ann Wright

  29. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    Hard to care much about the discomfort of terrorists while thinking about Daniel Pearl being beheaded merely because he was Jewish.

  30. Eric Eric says:

    Dan, torture is illegal and immoral. What other crime would you justify “if it helps save lives?”

    And Daniel Pearl was killed because he worked for a Neocon/Zionist propaganda media mouthpiece, reporting from the heart of their adversary’s territory. Do you doubt that if Pearl was a propagandist for al-Qaeda, traveling in the US, we’d have him in Guantanamo, being water-boarded?

  31. Avatar Joe H. says:

    Tony, you smoke something when you write this???

  32. Avatar Ted says:

    I have never seen so much hatred from any “religeon”……. wow, you guys need lives

  33. Avatar Joseph says:

    Wow, Tony. I can’t ever remember reading an article just oozing with so much bitterness. You personify exactly the hatred that you condemn. Funny how that works. I’m speaking as a non-Mormon, btw.

    Interesting how so many of these souls, who dwell in so much bitterness and resentment, gravitate to the left end of the political spectrum.

    A well adjusted author would have written a calm, sober article outlining both positive and perceived negative aspects of the Mormon church. Then they may have suggested some constructive, civil methods to help guide or apply pressure to the church to improve some of their perceived shortcomings. But hey, a mind filled with hate doesn’t think that way. (But what do we expect from a site glorifying mass murders such as the Castro’s.)

    btw, no organization has done as much good in the native American communities as has the Mormon church. For example, church members have opened their homes and temporarily adopted native American children countless times for the purpose being to give these children a quality education. I guess you forgot to mention that.

  34. Avatar clint says:

    It is obvious that Mr Logan hates Jews Mormons and Catholics, i wonder why. did a someone ever cause him a perceived harm o perhaps he is just like many others in this Prozac nation who is severely emotionally disturbed and needs an outlet to focus all his emotional distress. apparently Jews Mormons and Catholics are your whipping boy whom you masochistically pursue via an online format spreading hate and misinformation, where no one will be able to refute the varsity of your claims. but that’s OK because you are not an important person and all your ramblings if ever seen by anyone who does mater, would see simply the rantings of a poorly developed personality and discard you and everything you have to say.

  35. The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) teaches that good Christians of any denomination are able to live with Jesus Christ in the Eternities. Contrary to some other denominations people who don’t believe in “their Jesus” are not consigned to Hell.

    I’d say there is much less “hate” among Mormons than other denominations.

    With regard to “Prop 8”. Lobbying in favor of traditional marriage (the best environment for raising children) is not being “anti-homosexual”.

  36. Avatar Roy says:

    We claim the privilege in worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience and allow all men the same privilege.Let them worship how,where, and what they may.
    That statement means that we are all given equal privilege so therefore no one has the right to say one is better than the other.In our belief, we are taught to respect and love one another.
    Whatever you say about the church I’m sure your not happy about it because your are left to ‘kick against the pricks’ to fight against God and his church.

  37. Avatar speedy says:

    Oh God I fucking hate mormons!!

  38. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    As for proposition 8, it seeks to deny gay PEOPLE the same rights enjoyed by OTHER People. Including heterosexuals who are completely abusive both themselves and others. Some definitions of “Traditional” family include people who take the proverb about “spare the rod” to be a license to drown their kids in the bathtub in order to save them from the Devil.

    The ones who wish to cloak their own fears that they might be Homo rather than Hetero, by wrapping it in God’s Name, are committing not only hatred of People but an insidious blasphemy against God.

    Further, the people who pushed Proposition 8 most vigorously also say that the Traditional Family means “Christian”… but only Their Own Church Christians.

    One of the more high-profile TeaBags said many disjointed paragraphs to the point that Blacks can’t manage their own churches, and the only True Black Christians are those who submit to a White congregational order.

    But of course, telling other People that they’re not as good as you doesn’t exactly mean that you hold yourself to be better than them. Up is Down, War Is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, Big Brother is always right, and in other news, Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.

  39. Avatar sam says:

    I expect nothing rational or intelligent to come from the mouths of mormons. The ability to believe the BS that their ‘faith” demands, precludes the use of both…

  40. Avatar Dafgay says:

    Really, mormons, didn’t you have anything better to do than take 20 millions dollars to battle something that equals hate in my mind. Why didn’t you take that money and feed the hungry, cloth the poor or help your fellow man. Shame on you!

  41. Avatar Mari says:

    I have read several articles on this site. All I can say is whoever is writing them is one sick puppy. Totally a whack job. You have major issues; I hope you can get them worked out.

  42. Avatar jason says:

    To all who defend Mormons and say they haven’t paid any money to stop gay marriage and restrict the gay community is a blatant liar. When church leaders teach youth that it’s better to die than to be gay, you have serious problems. Its a f’ed up cult and nothing more.

  43. Avatar Page Sausman says:

    I live in Boise,Idaho which has a strong Mormon minority population. I moved here from Chattanooga, Tennessee when I was 12 years of age. Now in my forties my tenure in Boise is exactly 35 years this month. During that tenure my experience with the LDS Church has been less than gratifying. In particular my four member LDS family living across the street from me for the past seven years has been unpleasant.

    I was invited to a summer party at their home seven summers ago and accepted. I attended with a small bottle of cold beer (it is summer after all and I work outside). The party was fun until people looked at what was in my hand. You would have thought that it had been injectable heroin from the reception. Is their faith so tenuous that a bottle of beer is a threat? Also, the mailwoman delivers to my side of the street first and two hours later mail is delivered to the other side during her route. I remember clearly askiing the family permission if I have mail that needs to be posted and needed access to their mailbox if I was late to pay a bill. It was not a problem…they said.

    Over the years the wife (Let’s call her Angella and who is clearly in charge) has been distant to me and my wife. We have no children by choice. Angella did not speak to us but her husband did and their two young sons were just little children who did not understand platitudes as most children do not until they mature. However; as these two boys matured they became more and more distant. Now adolescent it seems that the entire family suffers from avoidant personality disorder. Last year I spoke to Angella and she stated that using her mailbox was a federal violation and and an invastion of her privacy and that the beer bottle incident had seriously hurt the social standing in their church and family. I chewed her out and used some words I regret. But: it comes down to one point: whethehell kind of faith teaches their children to avoid the kindness of people who don’t share their exact values? A bottle of beer? The mailbox? I didn’t read your mail! A bottle of beer is a dent in the social standing of your faith and family? I think it comes right down to hate. HATE. Whatever they are learning and passing on to their two boys…it isn’t a faith in my opinion. It is hate.

  44. Avatar Kris Doyle says:

    Well, I have a very nice girl I like who is mormon, and between her and her ENTIRE FAMILIY, I have yet to hear any hate, despite my non-religious standing. I have recieved some health tips from her mother, but that is extremely understandable, seeing as I am severely underweight.

    To be blunt, I find your “Mormons are hateful” arguement to be completely and entirely arrogant and just as hateful as you label ALL MORMONS. I have an extremely simple question to you, both to Tony and to Page: Since when did you find out how the majority of the 14 million (That’s 14 000 000 or 1.4 x 10 to the power of 7) mormons in the entire world acted exactly the same? I understand maybe some personal experiences may have made you biased in one direction or another, but since when has any other religion been perfectly nice? The only (relatively large) religion that comes to mind is none other that the Buddhists. Hindus and Muslims warred, Muslims and Christians, Christians and Muslims against Jews, Jews against Muslims, Mormons against Christians (War in 1840 in Missouri)… The list goes on, and I have neglected to even put in times and death tolls… So who the hell do you people think you are to label an entire religion and everyone included in it as evil or hateful? It would be like me, an Asian-American, American born, moved to Norway, saying that everyone in let’s say Kenya was worthless or poor or ugly or some other derrogatory term. Or like me being born in Norway, saying that EVERY AMERICAN was a fat, caucasian, racist war-loving PIG. Not the nicest thing, is it? How about me saying every Catholic is a pedofile, or that every Jew is poor, or that every Muslim is a suicide bomber waiting to blow, or that every Hindu is… actually, I can’t think of a stereotype for Hindus, but you get the idea…

    I’m asking you a very simple question, one which nobody can answer without going around and observing the daily life of NORMAL mormons, not mormons one sees on TV, or in closed-off areas like in some towns in Utah. I mean in places all around the world, like Mongolia, Norway, England, Africa, and the US. A THOROUGH study, entirely unbiased. When you can present me with that kind of proof, fulfilling every last point I stated, and that proves that the majority of all 14 million (14 000 000/14 x 10 to the power of 7) mormons around the world are as hateful as you claim, ONLY then will I admit the ‘truth’ in your statements. Until then, how about you just back the fuck off, and let religion be, unless it actually begins damaging the world in a major way, like during the Crusades or the other Holy Wars.

    Mormons have been hated on for over 170 years, and as far as I can tell, for no real reason at all, besides them being different. Compare that hate to the racial hate against the blacks during the 1900s until 1964. Do we think of them as hateful? Black people as hateful? No. We may unfortunately stereotype them as lawless, or gangbangers, but we don’t ever think of the entire black community as inherantly hateful. Unless you do, in which case that’s a totally different story. But of course, if you admit to thinking of all blacks as hateful on the internet, you’re just asking for trouble.

    I now will allow you two, Tony and Page, to attempt to prove that I am wrong, that most if not all mormons are based on hate. Good luck, you ignorant racist morons.

    Kris, your reader in Norway.

  45. Avatar Ann Ominous says:

    If LDS Elders would stand up and reject the hatred their foremost spokespersons, in America, have shown.

    By that I mean the entire Chickenshit Chickenhawk Romney Klan….

    That would go a long way toward dispelling or quelling the notion that it’s a hate religion.
    There are quite a lot of Christians of every denomination who loudly spew hatred without any rebuke from the organized churches. Romney, Palin, Gingrich, Ron and Rand Paul, (the last two say they oppose war but want to keep a greed and war based economic model, and even expand it. and the father Ron is leading in the Iowa polls with his hate-filled lies.) And Romney is right behind them…

    They all screech and scream their hatred for any American non-Christians… and somehow, that hatred extends to any Christian who doesn’t worship at their particular churches and those who do but hold opposing political views.

    Perhaps if the Tabernacle would actually condemn such hatred? Condemn the name of Christ being used to justify killing people, especially by cowards like the Romney Klan, who want the killing spree to continue as long as they personally don’t have to put their hand to the sword?

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