TWILIGHT vampires resemble predators of the less mystical sexual variety

stephanie meyer dreams of Babe the PigTWILIGHT- For those parents who have unwittingly encouraged their daughters to delve into Twilight, where our episodic fascination with Dracula lore is adapted for the young adult romance genre, be forewarned that author Stephenie Meyer may have fogged her rose-colored glasses with romantic nostalgia from her Mormon upbringing: old older men, arranged marriages, and, if you’ll pardon the dropped pretense, date rape.

Better you than your child?

Old fashioned matchmaking
First, Meyer’s teenage vampires are generations-old men, stuck reliving their teens, repeating high school to prey on each successive year of students. Matthew McConnaughey played it, minus fangs, in Dazed and Confused: “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

Off campus, some of the undead “imprint” on newborns. Want that explained? Meyer’s succubus babies are born fully-conscious, if that’s any excuse, but elders are able to perceive them as soul-partners, and claim dibs to pair with them later. When they are of consumable age, I presume.

Perhaps you find these details to be inconsequential “vampire” technicalities protected by Meyer’s un-poetic license. There’s a zinger in the fourth book which you may find less palatable.

Vampire sex
Because your tween-ager should know to make the distinction?

In book four, Bella marries the 117-year-old high school hold-back Edward Cullen, and finally he consents to consummate their marriage. He’s been withholding his afflictions for fear that vampire sex would kill her. By the way, that’s the romantic dynamic of the first three books, in case you wonder what’s titillating your acts-beyond-her-age young reader.

Typical of respectable novels, and the romance genre too perhaps, the sex scene is glossed over. Bella disrobes and joins Edward for a midnight swim, where he “leads her to deeper waters.” The narrative returns as the sun rises the next morning.

Classy enough for this lowbrow storytelling, except that Meyer earns no credit for obscuring the steamy bits, because the exact details are lost on her post-coital heroine as well. A fog of amnesia covers Bella as she spends the morning trying to reconstruct what exactly happened to her. With only her bruises for clues.

Meyer describes Bella waking feeling as if her skeletal-structure has been crushed like a wishbone, “but in a good way.” Bella discovers that she’s covered in bruises which grow still darker in severity, obscured by a dusting of feathers. Nevermind the injuries apparently, why the feathers? Her ravisher reveals he had to bite “one or two pillows” to keep himself from eviscerating her. For this act of consideration, Bella, and the readers, find Edward all the more endearing. Since vampires kill humans, how sweet that Edward merely vampire-man-handled her.

Bella survived the Twilight climax, and although she doesn’t remember the act, she’s feeling sexually satisfied. I’m open to the possibility that a gender gap might be confusing me. About what is Bella all aglow, if she doesn’t recollect what happened? Conquest? Having hosted a smashing party? I’ll tell you what I think has quenched Bella’s desire, if the Mormon motif is any indication. She’s fulfilled her biological drive. Not to possess Edward, but to become pregnant. In Meyer’s grandiose predestined sense, Bella is triumphant in having attained motherhood.

Do these themes fly over the heads of her impressionable readers? Why put them there.

The scene reads to me like waking from a date-rape drug, although the experience might more likely describe a young Mormon girl coming out of the state of shock induced by the violence of her older experienced polygamist husband rapist. At the least, how she might cope with having endured the brutality of a sexual drive unmatched by her own, and beyond her comprehension.

Men are not to blame, they are but slaves to their monstrous sexual urges. Obviously this is where Meyer looks for humanity in her vampires. Your daughter’s assignment? Assure her presumptive taker that she’s up for the worst he can unleash. She can favor the monster who feigns leniency.

Four books versus two
You may not have to worry about your child reaching the S&M sex, pregnancy, and monstrous-birth scene of Book Four. There’s a good hope that your young sophisticate will tire of Meyer’s underwhelming literary skill before the end of the first tome. There’s an even more likely chance that books three and four will bore her into maturity. Even Meyer’s fans hate the vacuity of those stretches.

Apparently the fourth volume was written as the original sequel, but was rewritten later to make room for the two filler episodes. They upped the Twilight movie take by fifty percent. Every fan is saying you appreciate the movie the most if you’ve read all the material.

What a great publishing scheme! The movie tickets are eight dollars, but the requisite quartet box set, sets you back $100. Ravaging the innocence of America’s tweens? Priceless.
Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson
Twilight the Movie
The biggest anxiety I heard expressed about the movie, was not if it could do the books justice, but whether the character of Edward could possibly live up to his physical perfection in the novel. Judging from audience reviews, film Edward was an exact match, which means Meyer left no room for a reader’s imagination. Is that what young-adult fiction is about?

Stephenie Meyer’s dream crush, as cast in Twilight the Movie, resembles the fittingly abusive Stanley of A Streetcar Named Desire, literally Marlon Brando’s brooding stage turn as the violent husband, wearing an Elvis wig, on lithium, as viewed through a camera lens smeared with Vaseline, probably also a polygamist staple.

How about just a bite?
You might be thinking, what’s wrong with just the first book? Can’t a girl luxuriate in the hyper-romantic swoon over the opening story?

I don’t know. I’ve often been perplexed about the teen Goth living death fixation, nihilism and teen suicide. I suspect they get fuel from mall rat romantics like Stephenie Meyer.

You be the judge. I was able to wrestle a few minutes with our household copy, to see that Meyer opens with this quote:

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.
Genesis 2:17

Does that equate vampirism with the forbidden fruit of knowledge? Meyer followed Dan Brown’s example to find a biblical passage to provide coded authority. More proof that insipid writing multiplies with inbred fiction authors.

In the spirit of taking guidance from a quotation, I entreat you to sample the preface of Twilight, because the Amazon Look Inside sample astutely skips it. If you’ve already read Twilight, please slap yourself on the cheek and try to extricate yourself enough to look at these paragraphs one by one.

Here it is, adulteration entirely courtesy of Meyer. Even if she was twelve when she wrote this, I hope your daughter can show more acuity than she.


I’d never given much thought to how I would die — though I’d had reason enough in the last few months — but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.

I stared without breathing across the long room, into the dark eyes of the hunter, and he looked pleasantly back at me.

Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved. Noble, even. That ought to count for something.

I knew that if I’d never gone to Forks, I wouldn’t be facing death now. But, terrified as I was, I couldn’t bring myself to regret the decision. When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

The hunter smiled in a friendly way as he sauntered forward to kill me.

I bet Stephenie Meyer cannot even gag herself with a spoon.

38 thoughts on “TWILIGHT vampires resemble predators of the less mystical sexual variety

  1. Bravo Eric. Case brilliantly made. Perhaps the Mormon community will protest your characterization and certainly Brando fans will let go collective appalled gasp at your comparison, but Twilight has given voice to all the things our daughters could only confess in their diaries, a.k.a. Facebook, and has left it to us, as parents, to reconstruct with them a kinder, gentler expectation of our future sons-in-law.

  2. There was something about this article that bothered me, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. You made good arguments. And your observations, although you didn’t read the books, were pretty dead on. And it was most certainly pointed. But then again, we always point at the girl.
    Ah, that was it.
    The age old article persecuting the girl for staying with the beast.
    To take this story away from our teen girls is absurd. After all it reflects the society they live in. One in three women will suffer some form of violence in her lifetime. 4 million females, ages 12 and up, report abuse every year in the US alone. For many, the only way to survive is to fall in love with the villain.
    And if we have to close our eyes and pretend he’s Hollywood beautiful – so be it.
    I searched NotMyTribe for the other article. The one that wonders why there
    are so many movies that don’t even bother putting love in the equation at all and just hack off her breast.
    I didn’t find any.

  3. To lay the blame of a Patriarchal system on the shoulders of its victims would be absurd, I agree. Perhaps you would be more repulsed if the polygamist indoctrination in Twilight was coming from a male author.

    Are you suggesting we glamorize the predicament of girls trapped with abusive mates? I hope the most inspiring message you have for impressionable readers isn’t “so be it.” I don’t begrudge adults whatever escapist fiction they need, but children deserve more prudence.

    Regardless who wrote Twilight, it imparts perverse expectations. If you’re going to call them coping skills, I think those are low expectations.

  4. The novels, particularly the first, are steeped with acknowledged Mormon cultural and religious references and symbolism — it would take several pages to spell the bulk of them out. One of the allegorical plotlines going on is the story of heroine Bella, as a secular member of the outside world with a weak family, becoming a Mormon convert, with the idealized family that is the Cullens along with the other “good vampires” representing the Mormons. Marriage for eternity is another classic Mormon theme embedded deeply in the plot.

    (FWIW, the imprinting on children, while creepy for sure, is done by werewolves (who are not undead) and not vampires, although the basic concept is the same.)

    The whole Bella abuse theme starts early, as you infer from the preface, right from the first novel. The second novel is mostly about the devistating and ultimately self-destructive funk she falls into following what she believes is a break up with her vampire boyfriend culminating in her jumping off a cliff, complete with suspicious (to outsiders) E.R. visits. Indeed, her constant cover for her supernatural injuries, that she is chronically clumsy, is so stereotypically out of the abuse denial/coverup playbook that it is featured on a Volunteers of America bill board in Denver.

    A core aspect of the Bella character, by design, is that she is a martyr with no sense of danger or self-preservation. Indeed, much of the fourth book is about her decision to not abort her baby despite the fact that it puts her own life in grievious danger. Some of described Bella as an “anti-feminist heroine.”

    The books are far better written than Eric suggests, however. Indeed, they are classic can’t put them down page turners with a very wide following on a Potteresque scale. Unconditional love at first sight, and suffering and emotional torment for love, are the powerful stuff of literary classics and opera. The parallels to Bella’s literary favorites, Wuthering Heights and Romeo & Juliet, both tragic love stories, in the second and third books are obvious. They are strong, in part, because they are so multi-layered and emotionally intense, compared to your typical dime store romance (and they don’t pretend to be anything other than YA romances that take young love seriously).

    The fact that no one would want to live your average opera does not make it any less worth watching. I’m certainly not worried about my daughter being “led astray” and complex and powerful emotions can be easier to deal with frankly assisted by the kind of remove Meyer’s stories provide. Kids need safe ways to probe “the dark side” so they don’t have to experiment first hand. And, they also have a lot to say about how to assert yourself in an unequal relationship, which is a very hard lesson for many teen girls to learn.

  5. Well, I have to say that this article summed up my thoughts on what I read of Twilight quite nicely.

    It’s sickening, really. Every single girl in my class (I am in the targeted age group) at school loves these books. Whenever I say I didn’t like them when asked, I always, ALWAYS get “Oh well you didn’t give them a full chance” or “You just don’t have any taste” and then they proceed to discuss how they want Edward’s babies.

    I should show them this.

    Also what kind of town name is Forks?

  6. Actually, I came back from my very own Honeymoon once via Forks, Washington. It is a town that, like a Fork, can lead you to several Native American reservations of The Makah, The Hoh, the Quileute, The Ozette, and The Quinault.

  7. Forks is real, and was chosen based upon its weather, proximity to said reservations, and “look and feel” on tourist websites. The author didn’t visit it until after writing the book.

    Forks was the working title of the original first book and would have reflected not only the town name but the notion that one is making decisions about one’s future that can fork in different directions.

  8. My sources are simply reading the books and blogs about them found via Technorati and Google. I enjoy reading the books, even though I’m not entirely sure why, and enjoy reading commentary on what I read.

  9. Ummmmmmmm…. Don’t you have anything better to do then write about a tween romance?

  10. The main theme running through the first of these books seems to me to be that Boy Vampires should behave themselves with young girls who love them and fantasize about them. At least that is how I read the story line of the movie.

    No wonder the teenage boys are not as big a fan base of these books as the pre-teen and teenage girls are! They simply know who misbehaves most in their age group and it is the girls that are often the most menacing in this age group! They can be quite a fright!

  11. You idiot you must not have read the books. I hate that you talk about how Edward is a perv and he paoches on little girls, yea thats evxactly it.. He chose to be forever 17 and doesnt want to be dating a 90 year old so he hangs around with girls his own “physical” age. Yea, he also drugs Bella up so that he can rape the crap out of her, and she hates him to death. No, Bella wants to have sex with Edward since forever and he was the responsible one to tell her that he doesnt want to hurt her so he wants to wait until she turns into a Vampire so that he can spend the rest of his life with her and doesnt have to deal with the guilt if he hurts her. Can you imagine being 117 years old and not having sex and when it comes to the point where the love of your life cant keep her hands off of you, so what are you gonna do even thought that both of you know that she could be hurt. She doesnt really care, bruises heal, but he on the other hand can barely live with himself after that night. Why dont you do some of the work the next time that you write and article instead of going off of what other people say? Read the books, and try to look at it from a different light, fag.

  12. This is absolute Bullshit, excuse my language. Whatever idiot wrote this piece of crap must not have read these books. Okay, i know what youre thinking, People never shut up about Twilight, but this crap pissed me off. They complain about the sex xcene in the 4th book about how it sounds like a date rape and he did all this damage to her. Stephenie Meyer wrote it that way about “and then lead me deeper into the water..” because she didnt want to be like “And then i endured the greatest pain in my life because hers rock solid..” Yea, which one would you rather have? Idiot. And Edward isnt a perv who poaches on little girls. He reapeats high school because he if forever 17, its not like its his fault, its not like he can try to collect social security when someone thinks hes a teenager. Like i always say, Dont talk about something that you have no idea about!

  13. Maybe people think your point of view is worth taking seriously. But I find your ignorance astounding. In fact I think it borders on hate speech. Mainstream Mormonism has not been polygamist for over 120 years. Polygamy consequently had no influence on Stephenie’s upbringing whatsoever. Get your facts straight before you start spewing such bigoted bilge. Bella’s sexual experience can be related to nothing more than a virgin being nervous on her wedding night. Equating bruising from mutually-virginal vampire sex to getting hurt having virginal sex with a much older and sexually-driven polygamist male is quite a stretch, particularly in light of the fact that, again, Stephenie Meyer did not grow up in an environment remotely like that. Look at the age of her own husband, you sick f*ck. (And check it out — she’s his one and *only* wife.)

    What a difference perspective makes. All you parents out there, I highly recommend reading these books for yourself if you really want to know what your kids are reading (after all, that really is the most responsible course of action) instead of swallowing somebody else’s fully ignorant garbage *I mean* opinion.

    Eric, having read the books myself, and acknowledging that they are definitely worthy of criticism, I still say with the utmost sincerity that you are an idiot.

  14. Yea this article was great. Excuse me Sydney…but take a chill pill please. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion. And your whole this is bullshit stuff is just making everyone who reads the book sound like an idiot…sorry for the insult…but its true. Now when i think of people reading the twilight series i picture them as people like you. Instead of wasting your time reading twilight, go read some REAL literature.

  15. I am glad the twilight series exists and is so popular. It has been a spring board for all kinds of conversations about morals and life and love that my teens (male and female) would have never had with me had I not read them too. Like or not, the controversy has been a blessing to my family.


  17. yup.. this article was BORING. there is no polygamist anything in the books. edward is a virgin not experienced as an older man would be. he is just as innocent as bella. he’s never loved another and never will.. as a matter of fact, when he thinks she killed herself, he tries to get the volturi to kill him because he doesn’t want to live without her. sound like a polygamist to you? good lord.

    hey, i’ve had boyfriends that watched degrading porn but they never dreamed of treating another woman that way. women have rape fantasies all the time but don’t actually want to be raped– and psychologists don’t think it unhealthy. twilight is to girls as porn is to boys — a fun, harmless fantasy that doesn’t translate to real life. stop taking everything so seriously.

    and seriously.. with all the crap out there, you’re making a case against THIS? i’m just glad this has got so many reading instead of video games.

  18. Ok, I’ve enjoyed Vampire stories since I was a kid. I remember watching, “Interview with the Vampire” when Kirsten Dunst kissed Brad Pitt! I thoroughly enjoyed what Anne Rice wrote. However, I think Meyer got her inspiration from a domestic violence pamphlet.

    I did not read the books. I only saw the movie this evening. I was surprised at the amount of abusive dialogue and situations that popped up. You might think moody Edward is so endearing but on some level, you will think this is sweet or normal when you start dating. The strong attraction of a psychopath is a real entity outside the movie house. I would say enjoy the books and films for what they are— pure FICTION. But do NOT be a Bella in real life.

    Love should never bruise you, hurt you, or possess you like Edward does Bella. And knowing your lover watches you sleep — is down right creepy.

    Just remember, it’s only a movie — and I think you will be ok – fan or not.

  19. Yeah, when I think of a kid fantasizing about the erotic implications of having a re-animated undead corpse eating her body while she’s still alive, my first take on it is “Somebody has lost touch with her basic survival instinct., hasn’t she?”.

    All the “How DARE you talk bad about our favorite book?” crap makes the loyal fans look ignorant.

    As to did Eric actually read the books, yes, he does. He SELLS books (and at a good price and even sells the crap ones if people want them, he doesn’t censor or book-burn in any way)

    Part of selling books is writing critiques of those books. If a writer gets Filthy Stinkin’ Rich off selling dreck novels involving Children being eaten in a sexual manner, she’s still Filthy Stinkin’ Rich.

    After that somebody saying “I don’t like this book because…” is either something one tolerates, or one behaves like an absolute infant about it. Not being able to stand criticism would be a really good reason not to write anything either for money or for the joy of publishing.

    So far the Author let me make that the slightly sexist “authoress” of the book hasn’t come complaining.

    And only a few of her fans have.

  20. Birdy, you THINK your boyfriends who watched degrading porn before dating you “wouldn’t dream of rape or whatever”. To slightly paraphrase you.

    Another paraprhase is me rewriting the sentence to “They wouldn’t dream of TELLING some girl they’re trying to have sex with that they would go for rape or whatever”.

    I mean, a lot of guys are dumber than your average stump, but it’s really seldom any of us would whisper in your ear that we dream about violating you and possibly killing you.

    That, too, would be somebody losing his survival instinct.

    Or maybe he just seriously wouldn’t want to have a second date ever. And an incredibly short FIRST date.

  21. i think this is a massive over reaction while i wouldnt let young children read these books there is nothing wrong with a teenager reading them everyone has different opinions on the books and movies but i believe stephanie has made a great saga and for those who dont agree what have you done with your life thats so spectacular that you can be critical of someone elses

  22. Ah, we just warn people of the dangers of the cult. There ARE quite a lot of people in the world who kill their sex partners. Most of them don’t add a vampire fantasy fetish to it, but there are undoubtedly some who do.

    There’s a difference between being Careful and being Fearful. When you date somebody who identifies himself as a vampire, Careful is a really good starting point.

    Same as any other portion of the world population, really, but the whole Vampire mystique has direct sexual overtones. And in the extreme version of it, yeah, one partner does die.

    And unlike the extremists of that fetish, I personally ain’t going to pretend for you that dying isn’t a really final way to end a date.

    The comparison to other forms of sexual predation is valid as well, there’s the notion that one who faces really harsh punishment for his variety of Sex Pleasure, might just be a little tiny small bit more likely to make sure there’s no living witnesses.

    Put that in with the notion of feasting on the dying flesh of your partner, stir it up a bit, and you have the essence of a Vampire Movie… The movies themselves are harmless, like a rock laying in your yard. It’s when you pick up that rock and heave it in the general direction of somebody’s skull that it stops being harmless.

    Somebody who uses the fascination with death and dying as a sexual lure is the person who picks up the Twilight Movie and heaves it in the general direction of at the very least an extreme version of swapping body fluids.

    Not fearful, careful.

  23. However wrote this did not read the books themselves; too many factual mistakes. I do agree the vampire love affairs are a bit creep and the WOLVES IMPRINTING not the vampires stopped me for about 15 seconds, but I got over it. It’s just a book, but I think it not appropriate for a teen who is very impressionable. The violence described in the book is a bit light, but can be shocking to some. Most teens over sixteen should have no issues with this book. IMO books cannot be evil, it is all in how it’s interpreted. Many innocent people were(and still are) killed because of the Bible and the Koran (books of peace) because crazy people take it too far.

  24. Yeah, the comments made are on the order of Vampire Mania being porn that glorifies and eroticizes Violent Death. Of course the notion that the Vampire often gets the permission of the Victim to kill (usually her) her is again a common theme in Vampire books and movies, including the Bram Stoker classic and its movie spawn. And it’s classic “Rape me, force me to comply with your will, O Mighty One!” Sado-masochist fantasy.

    Whether the reader or viewer is sixteen or sixty.

    Now, people getting sexually off to the topics of Death and Torture are kind of on the edge, vis-a-vis little things like Morality and Sanity.

    Even in light “curiosity” mode, only for entertainment purposes, that still is at the top of a long steep stairway to a hole in the basement floor and “it puts on the lotion or it gets the hose”.

    Eric DID read the book, he writes reviews as part of his job as a bookseller. The connotations of every kind of violent rapist being represented in Vampire stories are well documented since the 1920s at least. When the first classic movie renditions of Bram Stokers “Dracula” came out. That part writes itself.

    The genre of vampire and lycanthropy stories is filled with that kind of Porn. The main differences, if there are any, are in the quality of presentation of those ideas.

    And, the target of the stories isn’t late-teens or young adults. Its primarily targeted to the adolescent audience. When two vast unknowns open up to the kids… their sexual awareness and curiosity, and their newly found awareness of Death and spirituality…

    And the fears, hopes and frustrations that come with those issues, the powerlessness of knowing that they’re growing up and, someday will die. Conditions over which they have no control either physically, personally or socially.

    Like the conditions of speaking about sex in terms of Morality and Sin. Much as the vampire stories are presented. It touches the inner core of the adolescent experience, and since I was once an adolescent and am also capable of remembering it, I do have a few qualifications to speak about it.

    And sometimes I can look at a story told, and do it clinically, beyond like/dislike, beyond entertainment.

  25. Okay, I didn’t read through all the comments but no one seems to have pointed out that nowhere in the bits following the sex does she say she doesn’t remember the sex…she says she just remembers pleasure and not pain. Not gonna lie, I have had rough…goings ons and not felt the soreness til the morning after. Also, while we are arguing about children reading supposedly inappropriate material that might convince them to do bad things let us include Alice In Wonderland for drug references, The Scarlet Letter [which is a popular high school req. Lit] for adultery, Romeo and Juliet for obsessiveness, recklessness, suicide, cheating and disobeying our parents, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for gluttony, direspect, and greed, Harry Potter for recklessness, disobeying authority and breaking the law, any Judy Blume book that mentions sex or boys…and how about Disney movies? The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast. Y u so mad and ignorant?

  26. Anyone who read the books knows that the wolf people “imprint” (occasionally on babies and for the first part of that baby’s life the wolf is he protector, brother and definitely platonic ). Not the vampires.

    Don’t forget the woman Emily, who is married to Sam (one of the shape-shifting wolf people) and the fact that she has a huge scar across her face because he got angry and lost control and became a wolf and attacked her. But it’s okay! He wasn’t himself! He was taken over by rage! He really loves her… Sounds to me like every alcoholic abusive relationship I’ve had experience with. “He didn’t mean it because he was drunk. It wasn’t his fault.” –> “He didn’t mean it because he was a wolf. It wasn’t his fault.”

    Bella actually does remember the wedding night, but what disturbs me is that she wanted more. Edward is correct in being horrified that he hurt her. But she convinces the reader that she likes it. S&M for teenagers? Sooo messed up.

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