US surge and urge to purge has stalled

The Mehdi Army militia of populist Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has stropped the US push to war with Iran flat in its tracks, much as Hezbollah was able to stop and throw back Israel’s invasion of Lebanon back in 2006. What Israel and the US both lack in the Muslim World, is any popular Arab support what-so-ever for their policies in the region, all due to their repression and totalitarianism inside Arab and other Muslim countries. The Arab people want none of it and have made that clear to all for decades now.

This defeat of US forces in Southern Iraq is temporary, yet it shows the difficulties that lie ahead in the planned US attempt at regime change in Iran. On the ground, the US can control nothing securely, whether it be in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, or Afghanistan. That reality means that the only real US weapon is the pure terrorism of its air war. Down below, the US military is unable to communicate at all with the people it is hoping to subjugate and conquer. The US and European military forces cannot even communicate much at all with their hired local stooges, let alone the general population they are attempting to rule.

Let’s face it, the US is trying to re-colonize these areas of the world, and just as before, colonizing others does not go down well with the people subjected to imperialist control. Still, despite the temporary set back in the attempted Purge of current local Shia control over Southern Iraq, the US government (both parties) is determined to continue forward to attacking Iran, Syria, and Lebanon (again) in the near future. It will still be forward into the bog for our So-So ‘leaders’. A salute to General Dick!

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