Viva Obama? Well gag me please…

This has got to be the most comical Democratic Party campaign video around. Viva Obama 2008 Empty, stupid, and patronizing it is. Obama is hardly any friend of the Latino community and almost every single Democratic Party politician has had a long history of voting to militarize the US- Mexico Border, including supporting the building of the Border Wall currently being constructed that was voted on in 2006 with total DP support.

However, here are the 2 DP candidates now campaigning in Texas for the Hispanic vote while feigning being against the Border Wall project. Obama, Clinton Dump Border Wall in Debate

5 thoughts on “Viva Obama? Well gag me please…

  1. Saying there isn’t any difference between the candidates is like stating there’s no difference physically or philosophically between you and me, or me and eric or you and eric. (see post)

  2. Sure there are differences between the now dumbed down choice of the 3 corporate jerks we evidently will be given ‘a choice’ to vote for, Jonah. One guy is a ‘hero’, the other guy is Black, and the other candidate is a woman. So of course, we got choice and diffences galore here. The vote is so meaningful I wouldn’t want anybody to waste it by simply sitting it out as if to vote NONE OF THE THREE (soon to be 2). I mean it really matters!

  3. Of the three, ONE is promising an absolute and final no change whatsoever. That’s his whole entire platform. That’s the platform, officially and set in stone, of his entire party.

    You notice too, we weren’t invited to the party either. Or maybe we were, kind of like the guest of honor at a lynching.

    The other two might be an “unknown quantity”, but that ONE, we’ve had plenty of bad experience with him. His is a quantity that’s really really well known.

    And what is he proposing NOT changing? The Imperial Presidency.

    He’s been in politics almost as long as Nader, mean as ten acres of snakes and just gets crankier and more redneck as the years roll by.

    And there’s the only somewhat subtler persons who were his opponents in the primaries.

    Who’s going to play Adolf to his von Hindenburg? il Rudi? Mittens? Huck? or, maybe, somebody dark-horse like Ashcroft…

    and if he gets that slim majority in the electoral college, on Inauguration day, he could stand up and say “Ladies, Gentlemen, Sexless Undefineable Alien Visitors, I hereby abdicate in favor of George Bush, president for life”

    Who would contest it? the Supremes? The same congress who haven’t done anything to stop him for almost 8 years now?

  4. They call this an election? It sounds like betting on horses at a track based on looking at spots or size of tails and snouts, Jonah.

  5. There was an article in the Onion, pretty damned hilarious I thought. George Bush hoping the recession would be over by december 2010 so Americans would be able to afford his autobiography “Born Leading”

    Aside from the ridiculous premise of just the title of the book, (my God, is he really stupid enough to put something like that out? Jesus that’s scary)

    and the premise that he had actually read a book much less written one…

    the Onion said “he hopes to cut a deal with Wal-Mart to release a Paperback-only edition of the book so every American can afford to buy it”

    Got me laughing.

    Then I went to and posted a comment. One of the comments was hidden because he had given the story a -6 diggs, but it was sobering.

    Notice to any Law Enforcement browsing this website:
    the following is a quote from an anonymous person posting on another website and does not reflect the opinions of myself, or the maintainers of the other website, or the owner or maintainer of this website.
    God bless America, George dubuya Bush, and the republican party. I will be the first to buy his book and im sure it will be as impressive as the successes our country has made. The day i see a democrat in office i will first kill the sonofabitch and then off myself in Washington and bleed over the American flag like our forefathers did as they rid us of the British. End Quote.

    That, in a “nut”shell, is the attitude I’m voting against.

    We’ve seen it on Fox, we hear it on Gunny Bob and all the other TalkRadio freak-shows, we’ve confronted it on the streets of Colorado Springs, almost an the center of America.

    I don’t for a moment imagine they’ll listen to you or me or Eric or Brother Ralph explaining “well, I’m not a liberal, exactly, I’m a Green or an Anarchist or …” and while we’re explaining the freak loses patience and pops a bullet between our eyes.

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