Mentally challenged unfit for insurgency

Indignity at the barrel of a gunUS disinformation forces in Iraq pointed recently to an insurgency so in its last throes, that it was desperate enough, and dastardly, sure enough, to press mentally retarded girls into service as suicide bombers. Soon enough our military was forced to recant that report. The young Iraqi women may have been bipolar, or depressed, but they didn’t have Down Syndrome, as cranial deformities caused by the bomb blasts had led the US forensics to conjecture. But the false accusation had its desired effect and there was worldwide condemnation of the Iraqi resistance. This story has irked me in both incarnations.

Namely, why in the name of the Special Olympics is it alright to presume the mentally handicapped could not rise to the challenge faced by their fellow insurgents?

That there would need to be suicide bombers is sad for anyone to contemplate. But a people oppressed by overwhelming military dominance have little recourse. The US drove the Japanese to resort to recruiting Kamikazis. The French pushed the Algerians to the most desperate efforts. The Soviets, the US and Israel have since left Afghans, Iraqis and Palestinians no option but “terrorism.” We don’t label carpet-bombing, detainment or torture as “terrorism,” but freedom fighters and their asymmetrical warfare is enough to terrorize us.

And so, to many Iraqis, maybe especially those orphaned by our invasion and occupation, to be a suicide bomber is to be put to the only strategy which may yet prove effective. Rocks thrown against tanks do nothing. Shots fired against armor-clad troops yield naught but a hail storm of higher caliber bullets. IEDs are now up against heavier mine-resistant vehicles. Civilians without access to artillery or high-tech triggering remotes have no choice but to deliver their angry message in person, guided and detonated by their brave partisan selves prepared to pay the price with their lives.

Of course a mentally disabled person cannot reasonably be considered to have understood enough to make such a profound sacrifice. But I’m surprised the PC crowd wouldn’t allow them the dignity to aspire to contribute to the cause of their fellow Iraqis. I’d venture to ask if their lives could have served a more honorable service. It must suck to be mentally handicapped in Iraq, considering the US has destroyed every semblance of health care service, and refuses to rebuild it. The US is killing the health-needy of Iraq, even as they accuse the insurgency of the exploitation/murder.

And which side cannot deny preying upon the retarded from which to recruit its troops? With casualties on the rise, American motives unmasked, the timetable interminable, and the prospect of surviving intact virtually null, who but the mentally challenged are signing up to “defend freedom” for Uncle Sam?

3 thoughts on “Mentally challenged unfit for insurgency

  1. I think that it was only the rather stupid American population that couldn’t readily see through this totally obvious Pentagon propaganda ploy to paint the Iraqi opposition as animalistic barbarians.

    When is our population going to become less gullible and a little more suspicious of its own government’s propaganda machine? We really are a stupid people and we certainly give the WW2 generation Germans a run for their money in the race for The Most Stupid Imperialists Ever Award. Not to mention the competition from the Japanese and Brits.

  2. Yo Eric,
    Sad that you would make fun of American hero’s but I guess that is the only way you can make up for never serving in the military. Enjoy the good things these military hero’s give you & then bad mouth them. What a hero you are. No problem to disagree about things – that IS the American way but to make fun of those who gave life & body? you really are a sad person.

  3. Im with the major on this one, but I see something he didn’t.

    You remind me of when Bill O’Reilly tried to take a story about a drunk driver, who was incedentally in the country illegally, who ran over a girl into a story not at all related to drunk driving.

    You take a mistaken claim of neglect on one side of this “war on terror” and then try to connect a trail of dots that exists only in the mind of the insane.

    I know this because I am insane.

    Definition of insanity is, in essence, doing something multiple times but expecting different results.

    I am insane, by definition, because I critique fools like you and expect changes, that have yet to occur.

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