What in the HELL is wrong with the Palin Disciples?

Do Right Wingers take daily Stupid Pills or something? The man’s Grandma died and they’re saying it’s a conspiracy te bury their bogus claims about his citizenship, and an attempt to gain a “sympathy vote” WTF?

Some Stupid Palin Prick got on my case Saturday because I used bad language to describe their Decadent Warmongering Bitch of a VP candidate and their War Criminal Candidate for president.

But they get to use abusive language like that to describe Obama’s grief, to attack a man when a close member of his family DIED.

I just know Hannity and Rush are going to be spouting off with their BULLSHIT first thing in the morning. And Local Assholes like “Gunny Bob” will happily chirp right along with the Demented Chorus coming from the Right Hand Side of the Orchestra. McCain is supposedly going to be in town as well, with that stupid Prick Not-Joe the Not-really-a-Plumber.

Maybe McCain will be a little bit decent about it, not dance on Grandma’s grave… But you can bet the Local Asshole Squad are going to be doing it, probably at his mini-rally, and he, Strong Leader that he pretends to be, will let them.

The McCain Palin people who were out Saturday with their kids along, Waving the flag in people’s faces and gloating over having gotten 4200 American Soldiers killed for their oil companies, and of course the Iraqi victims of their Pillage,…

Had signs saying “Drill, baby Drill” but the war they support…

Any of you ChickenHawk Republicans reading this, A more HONEST sign would have been Kill BABIES, Kill!

Rather than teach your kids that it’s ok to go over and KILL little kids just like them, why don’t you Bastards for once in your Literally God-Damned lives gain enough Moral Courage to sit them down and show them pictures of Dead Babies and Dead Soldiers.

Tell them that’s the REAL War.

Instead of telling them it’s some Great Adventure, a Noble Deed that God commanded you to do?

YOUR coward little president said Jesus leads him in the war on so-called terror.

YOUR psychotic Bitch VP-Candidate says the same thing.

But, hey, go ahead and LIE to your kids and to yourselves, but mostly to your KIDS, tell them that Mommy and Daddy are real Christians and Righteous People who deserve to take the Oil from those godless heathen Enemies like the little kids you killed with your support for Mr Bush’s War…

Go ahead and tell them that it’s Good and Righteous to send other people’s kids off to kill and die for their Tank of Gas.

You have Blood on YOUR hands for supporting that.

Bet you don’t actually have the courage to tell your kids the TRUTH.

Murderers, liars and thieves, the whole lot of you.

You chickenshit chickenhawk pricks want to get on MY case for using Naughty Words after what you did?

Well Fuck You with a brillo-pad, punk-ass bitches.

2 thoughts on “What in the HELL is wrong with the Palin Disciples?

  1. ‘Well Fuck You with a brillo-pad, punk-ass bitches.’

    The elections seem to bring out the worst behavior of so many Americans on both sides of the Democratic/ Republican divide that almost all consider to be some sort of real democracy in place. It’s a shame really.

  2. Well, you know I’m usually well mannered and actually nice even to people I wouldn’t voluntarily break bread with.

    But sometimes, not often, just sometimes, you just have the Moral Obligation to carve off a big ol’ steaming slice of Nasty, and serve it to them Raw.

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