The difference between Sarah & Britney

They both got pranked, but Britney is smarter…
That’s a link to a Montreal Radio Staton’s broadcast prank call to Sarah, pretending to be Nicolas Sarkovy, president of France.

They laid it on kind of thick, gave her opportunity after opportunity to catch on.

6 Minutes worth before letting her know…

There’s only ONE other who went the entire prank without catching on, Britney Spears.

Other differences between the two:

There’s a chance that Britney is only PRETENDING to be a ditz.

Britney is actually under therapy for HER personality problems.

I didn’t have to ask what exactly Sarah Palin was famous for (Sorry, Brit, I just didn’t actually Know..)

Britney has never expressed any desire to get her hands on the Launch Codes to more Weapons of Mass Destruction, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical, than the Entire Rest Of The World COMBINED.

Britney might have known who Billie Halliday was, and NOT the campaign liason for Sarkovy to Americans.

Mrs. Palin… You are more than merely a dangerous lunatic.

You are also an embarrassment to America and if you ever, God Forbid, were to ascend to the Oval Office the rest of the world would gather together and obliterate us just in self defense.

Mrs. Palin. Pleas Stop… please…

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