Why Israel, Great Britain, and the US would attack Iran?

Taken from the BBC‘According to the BP (British Petroleum) survey, taken together this country (Iran) has the largest combined oil and gas reserves in the world, and it is the world’s third largest oil exporter.’

3 thoughts on “Why Israel, Great Britain, and the US would attack Iran?

  1. Iran will never be the first to attack, with or without nuclear power. Israel’s nukes will retaliate horribly. Mutual Assured Destruction will keep both powers in balance, is the deterrent. It is the vast amount of gas and oil the Zionists are after. It worked for them in Iraq, it looks like it won’t work in Iran. That frustrates the Zionists badly. They need a war to keep Israel from falling apart.

  2. It is all about the money.

    And lots of it.

    Not all of Judah is Israel, nor all of Israel, Judah.

    Not all Americans nor all Christians are eager to take the oil and money and hand it to our Overlords.

    As far as I, personally, am concerned the Overlords can fight their own battles and see how far their skinny pencil-pushing arms can take them.

    Or fat, overfed arms. Doesn’t matter much to me.

    But in the games of Multinational Money, the national governments and the people they represent mean nothing.

    The money-makers don’t call the shots, yet… the money-takers do, so far…

    They have watched the riches in which they trusted as they burn, and the fire is fervent, the fire is hot, yet the fire will never be enough to warm their cold craven hearts.

    The Multinational Money might call upon the White House and the Knesset and The Revolutionary Council to make war on each other for their final amusement.

    But only because they would by now realize that they will never possess it, so they will burn it to the point where none may ever possess it ever again.

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