Britain and US have plans to invade Zimbabwe

Yes, Britain and the US have plans to invade and occupy Zimbabwe using primarily troops of the African Union to hide behind. Then of course, the United Nations also would step in to camouflage the neo-colonial military operation. MoD contingency plans for military action in Zimbabwe

Mugabe is a dictator, but this is not at all what bothers the US and Great Britain about him. What bothers the Western European governments allied around the US and Britain is that Mugabe is not their dictator. They do not control him therefore he must go.

The ‘elections’ that took place in Zimbabwe were the grand plan to move the imperialist countries back into controlling the Zimbabwe government, but Mugabe did not just fall down and surrender beneath the superior fire power of the outsiders. Now Britain and the US are really angry about this!

Once again we see how the US and Britain claim to be the ultimate guardians of all humanitarianism, even as they destroy entire regions of the world with their military industrial complexes. We in the British and American antiwar communities should not allow ourselves to be deceived by the con men that run our governments. There is absolutely nothing at all humanitarian in their plans for continual and perpetual global warfare. Their plans for Zimbabwe are just more of their around-the-clock, global inhumanitarian interventionism and we should not be fooled into thinking otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Britain and US have plans to invade Zimbabwe

  1. Sounds like jumping at shadows to me. From the linked article:

    “The military plans assume that a neighbouring African country would agree to play host to British troops and transport aircraft. Defence sources acknowledged that such an agreement in the current climate was unlikely.

    Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, the former international envoy, who gave warning yesterday of the risk of genocide in Zimbabwe, told The Times that if military intervention was agreed by the international community Britain could not take the lead role because of its colonial past. Lord Ashdown said that if genocide was threatened military intervention would have to be considered. “But it could not be undertaken without widespread support from Zimbabwe’s neighbours, in particular South Africa,” he said.

    The main burden would have to fall on the neighbouring countries, with neither Britain nor the United States playing a leading role, he added.

    Lord Ashdown and Lord Carrington, the former Foreign Secretary, who led the negotiations that brought white rule in Rhodesia to an end, paving the way for the birth of Zimbabwe, said that the African Union was the ideal organisation to deal with President Mugabe.

    Lord Ashdown pointed to action taken by the African Union in March when 400 troops from Tanzania and Sudan landed in the rebel-held island of Anjouan in the Indian Ocean – part of the three-island Union of the Comoros – and ousted Mohamed Bacar, who had seized power in a 2001 coup and who held flawed elections last year.

    Lord Carrington said: “Any military intervention by the British would be regarded – not just by Zimbabwe but by all the neighbouring African countries – as a return to colonisation. The real solution lies with the Africans themselves and there are signs that neighbouring countries are getting worried.”

    When asked yesterday about possible British military intervention Lord Malloch-Brown, the Foreign Office Minister, said: ‘It’s not a plausible course and would not enjoy international support. I have not heard anyone here or in any other capital suggest military action is a solution.'”

    There is something quite different between not objecting to somebody else invading and possibly taking a minor role if a mountain of implausible events conspire, and planning a secret U.S.-British invasion.

  2. Ohwilleke, you say that ‘There is something quite different between not objecting to somebody else invading and possibly taking a minor role if a mountain of implausible events conspire, and planning a secret U.S.-British invasion.’

    Let’s see now? The US and Great Britain want to run the entire world pretty much for themselves, but you see them as ‘possibly taking a minor role’ in Zimbabwe affairs? You got me laughing already!

    And the bit about ‘not objecting’ if another country invades Zimbabwe was really a gas. And you say all this would only transpire only ‘if a mountain of implausible events conspire’? Hahaha. You are a really funny guy, ohwilleke!

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