A Coke a day keeps the doctor in payola

Did you hear that Coke has partnered with the American Academy of Family Practitioners to offer nutritional advice about how Coca-Cola products can be part of a child’s healthy diet? What, with a side order of stomach pump? Have they developed an anti-venom for High Fructose Corn Syrup? How about superglue for the bottle caps? This reminds me of the malarkey on sugar cereal boxes about being “part of a balanced breakfast.” How many children do you know eat a heaping bowl of cereal with eggs, toast, and fruit? What would be the point of serving the cereal? Remember the scene in Supersize Me when nutritionists were asked what percentage of a regular diet can come from fast food? The answer: zero. Coke for extra large kids Can a moral nutritionist speak favorably of processed food? These AAFP doctors probably think family dentists still give out hard candy.

3 thoughts on “A Coke a day keeps the doctor in payola

  1. Reminds me of the not-very long ago time when Coke and Pepsi and their Related Snack Empires were suing each other over the Exclusive Rights to market in the Southlake-Carroll school district in Texas.

    And the Tarrant County Hospital District taking out the hospital cafeteria and putting in a McDonalds.

    It’s a cardiologists and endocrinologists method of keeping themselves in steady work.

  2. Jonah, thanks for reminding me of another of last week’s ludicrous news: the Louvre now has a McDs.

  3. Eat ShitGot a picture for the Coke deal.

    Quite appropriate too, considering the subject. It’s “Coma Caca” which is Mexican for “eat shit.”

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