Chapel Hills Mall boycott DAY 4 update

chapel hills mallCHAPEL HILLS MALL- Security visited the CFP picket on Wednesday. They’d observed us the past three days via video surveillance, but apparently their camera angles recorded only the backs of our signs, general slogans about Israel, Gaza, and the Gaza Freedom March, which did not adequately explain the inquiries they received about shoppers being asked to boycott VICTORIA’S SECRET and BATH & BODY WORKS. We were eager to explain. As usual, the critical question was how long we planned to be there.

Our answer was tentative: Until more than 87 delegates from the Gaza Freedom March to join Gaza demonstrators demanding an end to the Siege of Gaza. Solidarity protests and pickets are being staged worldwide. It’s up to the US and Israel, through their proxy in Egypt. Who knows if the Limited, parent company of the the aforementioned retail stores, can exert its influence? GFM would-be participant Sam Husseini reports international delegates left behind are being blocked from leaving their hotels. Mohammed Said el-Naidi reports and has picture.

A deal was brokered yesterday by which 100 peace delegates, one per nationality, could proceed by bus to Rafah. Many activists refused, choosing to demonstrate with the hundreds to be left behind. Organizers Code Pink had originally vowed to march on December 31st, regardless if permission is granted by Egyptian authorities, but now are declaring the brokered deal a victory… As a collective, the organizers forming the FGM rejected the offer, but a group left nonetheless.

The final 87 include many journalists who intended to cover the march and Palestinians hoping to be reunited with family members. No word yet whether Colorado Springs representatives are on the two buses headed to Gaza.

To support the GFM efforts, contact the Egyptian Embassy, 202-895-5400 and ask for Omar Youssef or email with an email like the following:

I am writing/calling to express my full support for the December 31, 2009 Gaza Freedom March. I urge the Egyptian government to allow the 1,300 international delegates to enter the Gaza Strip through Egypt.
The aim of the march is to call on Israel to lift the siege. The delegates will also take in badly needed medical aid, as well as school supplies and winter jackets for the children of Gaza.
Please, let this historic March proceed.
Thank you.

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2 Responses to Chapel Hills Mall boycott DAY 4 update

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I think Netanyahu is literally holding a gun to the head of every Egyptian. There’s been some serious incidents that if they had happened in the U.S. a couple of years ago Bush would have called them “provocation to war” between several of Egypts neighbors, and… most of them have a Permanent U.S. Military presence. either with actual bases and boots on the ground, or by immediate proxy.

    So, the question would be, is Bibi actually stirring the shit-pot in Algeria and Eritrea with the intention of disrupting Egypt enough that Bibi could make a phone call, ask about Mubarak’s health, and remind Mubarak (gently) of the Sadat assassination and how much of a shame it would be if some Rogue Agents were to pay him a visit to “discuss” the Gaza situation.

    Not much of a question.
    Futbol seems to be a major political instrument these days. Like Algerias squad being assaulted and Eritreas defecting en masse.

    It’s a messed up situation where events can be predicted on the behavior of soccer fan riots.

    Just something to chew on. My guess is Mubarak fears for his life.

    Maybe a reminder that people perceive him as Netanyahu’s meat-puppet would make more headway than a direct confrontation with the Likud party would.

  2. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    this just might be something that will have an impact. Being a Jew myself ,I find these acts in israel to be despicable. This is simular to the gangs here in America who kill innocent people over territory to sell meth. I support the boycott of these businesses. None of our money should be supporting this. Eric, the boycott is a good idea.

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