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Tens of thousands march in New York City on Fathers Day protest against ‘Stop and Frisk’ racial profiling by cops

Under reported by the US press is this protest against the growing National Security State laws and law enforcement of US military and policing agencies. Huge Multiracial Father's Day March Tells Bloomberg and NYPD, 'No More Stop-and-Frisk!' ___Why don’t they … Continue reading

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PPJPC pair returns from GFM. NBD?

The Colorado Springs peace envoys to the 2009 Gaza Freedom March in Palestine flew back to town last week with absolutely no fanfare, no media reception, no press releases, no coordination by organizers to make an event of their attempted … Continue reading

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It’s a picture worth a thousand ships

At first the story read like diplomatic sensitivities ruffled by no more than your typical office power feng shui: the Turkish ambassador to Israel was not seated at a height commensurate with his host, the flag of his nation was … Continue reading

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Where is humanitarian airlift for Gaza?

    When the Soviet Union laid siege to West Berlin in 1947, the Western powers mounted a famous airlift to supply the city’s inhabitants for ten months until the siege was broken. At its height, the Berlin Airlift hauled … Continue reading

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Viva Palestina shows Code Pink how solidarity works

Egyptian authorities in El-Arish tried this evening to decapitate the Viva Palestina aid convoy on its final leg toward the Gaza border. This was the successful strategy Egypt used to divide the Gaza Freedom March a week before, but the … Continue reading

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Viva Palestina convoy to arrive in Rafah NPR fails to name it, or mention the Gaza Freedom March

After endless impediment, not the least of which was a sudden Israeli naval exercise to block its path, the Viva Palestina aid convoy appears finally about to reach Gaza. Permission to enter has been granted, although last week Egypt reneged … Continue reading

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The Cairo Declaration

Ambitions for a greater Gaza Freedom March have been set aside for another decade, but the hopeful delegates thwarted in Cairo issued the following declaration: End Israeli Apartheid? Cairo Declaration ?January 1, 2010 We, international delegates meeting in Cairo during … Continue reading

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Code Pink and the Obama Left

As Code Pink capitulates in Cairo, taking consolation for eking a 1/14 size march as a compromise with Egypt, where originally they promised to march regardless the permissions granted, I’m reminded of Code Pink’s role in 2008, protesting war while … Continue reading

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Chapel Hills Mall boycott DAY 4 update

CHAPEL HILLS MALL- Security visited the CFP picket on Wednesday. They’d observed us the past three days via video surveillance, but apparently their camera angles recorded only the backs of our signs, general slogans about Israel, Gaza, and the Gaza … Continue reading

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Boycott Israeli Apartheid COS Day 2

COLORADO SPRINGS- While Gaza Freedom Marchers remain confined in Cairo, stateside solidarity actions continue apace. Join Coloradans For Peace for DAY2 of the ISRAELI APARTHEID BOYCOTT at SW entrance of Chapel Hills Mall, intersection of Briargate and Agora Point. Noon … Continue reading

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Gaza Freedom March update

GFM activists still prevented from leaving Cairo spoiling Rafah rendezvous with demonstrators in Gaza; American citizens undertaking hunger strike after being blocked from the US embassy; the siege of the UN offices has been called off; and the Viva Palestina … Continue reading

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