“Free” Elections in Iraq and Afghanistan

Like the one that installed Puppet Dictator al Maliki in Iraq and the one that installed Puppet Dictator Kharzai in Afghanistan…

Where the people were giving a list of who they were allowed to elect as “their” leaders and a much longer list of those who they were Forbidden to vote for.

Neither of these two countries have ever had Democracy and probably never will.

The whole notion of a rigged election enforced by grim looking Uniformed Thugs with Submachine Guns is now so deeply ingrained in their cultures…

That’s how they’ll see their “free” choices imposed by Washington.

The same way their “free” choices were imposed by Moscow.

Or Saddam.

They’re given a list of people they can or cannot vote for, there’s a bunch of goons with guns standing around, who don’t even speak their languages, telling them they have Freedom…

just like the Russians did.

They know the drill, it’s their whole experience with elections.

They were Hereditary Dictatorships aka Kingdoms before they were Dictatorships where they line up and vote for who the Goons with Guns tell them to elect.

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