Plucky ACORN staff show compassion for demonstrably stupid crackers

Hannah Giles poses as hapless prostitute to defraud ACORN office
Congress has sadly overreacted to the Fox News video sting operation to discredit ACORN. Over the summer, most of the community activism offices did run the Giles/O’Keefe whore/pimp act straight out the door, but invariably some staff member was going to take pity on the inadvisably-dressed, street-smart-deficient pair.

What are you going to do, tell someone they’re too stupid to a) turn tricks b) mortgage a whorehouse c) traffic in child prostitutes?

Nor can you put the word out to all your offices to be on the lookout for two dopey white kids, dressed for success based on Quentin Tarantino characters, who appear to be trying to effect an undercover sting. Because that would be racial profiling. Community activists aren’t like the CIA, prepared to entrap the least idiot who voices aspirations to be an outlaw. Because American idiots abound.

I used to have a telephone number listed in the Yellow Pages under Science. Long story, but we’d get calls from uneducated white people looking for laboratory equipment, specifically beakers and measuring devices, for manufacturing Meth. Regularly. I didn’t tell them to get lost, or to turn themselves in. I referred them to the public library where a reference librarian would be able to redirect their wild hair with trained gentleness.

At yesterday’s Teabag Constitution Day Rally, I was reminded about interacting with idiots. There wasn’t an angry white person there who’d graduated high school. Someone was speaking about the constitution, and asked the crowd which amendment protected their right to free speech. The response was silent.

Arguments broke out between “patriots” and counter-protesters. Here’s how they devolved: “Have you read the Constitution?” “HAVE YOU?” “Have you?” “HAVE YOU?” “Have you?” Ad infinitum ignoratum.

The best sign was held aloft, directly in the center, by a young cracker daughter. It read, in giant, meticulously markered bold letters: LIEIR!

The is no talking sense with dumb bastards. You can only be nice, advise them to look things up, read, get an education. Why step on their dreams? If they think their best chances in life lay in prostitution and pimping, who are you to stand in their way. Their inglorious venture will be thwarted by law enforcement soon enough.

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18 Responses to Plucky ACORN staff show compassion for demonstrably stupid crackers

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Here is more about Fox News attack on ACORN…

    See ‘ACORN mulls suit against Fox News’ at

    The Democratic Party establishment once again are demonstrating their gutlessness and stupidity before a staged Far Rightist attack as they turn on ACORN instead of going after Fox News and Murdoch, the owner. Evidently Fox sent its ‘news’ crew into multiple ACORN offices trying to stage their Right Wing propaganda film adequately and only succeeded with one group of low level ACORN employees. And then they had to edit and arrange the film so that it would come out in the most negative manner.

    The fact is, that the liberal Democrats have ALWAYS BEEN just too stupid when it comes to the Republican Right, and now in addition also have an idiot president undermining them and pulling out the rug from them all the time. Once again, Barack Obama succeeds in organizing the Right and disorganizing the Liberal Milk Toasts that voted for him. He’s too busy throwing trillions to the Military and Banks and spreading more war into Afghanistan and Pakistan to give much a damn though.

  2. Avatar Reggie1971 says:

    Most of the ACORN offices threw these two young people out? Where do you get that information from? ACORN? You do realize that the CEO of this corrupt organization made that claim about the San Diego office a day before a video was played of a man there giving advice on how to bring prostitutes through Tijuana? But I suppose he did this out of pity as you suggest. Just as the people in four other offices had great sympathy for those who traffic in child prostitution, which in your twisted view is normal behavior.

    ACORN is toast, and deservedly so.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    So in your demented Ringer Winger asshole mind, Reggie, ACORN is all about ‘those who traffic in child prostitution’? You guys are a real trip, you know?

    No, you don’t know… In fact, you idiots ‘know’ very little about anything unless it is fed to you by some twit like Glen Beck or the Fox Propraganda Network of Rupert Murdoch.

  4. William Bremer William Bremer says:

    “What are you going to do, tell someone they’re too stupid to a) turn tricks b) mortgage a whorehouse c) traffic in child prostitutes?”

    Um…..Yes? All of the Above?  I’m not going to give them advice on how to scam the government or how to tax evade properly.  You know why?  Because that’s illegal.

    Now about these angry white people at Teabag rallies, well, I’m one of them.  I have graduated from high school, and college and I also have had enough of taxes which are wasted on these rubes working for ACORN.  It’s about time the government investigated this organization and I can’t wait for them to uncover the voter fraud they committed for Franken.

    By the way, a higher percentage of angry white people graduate from high school than black people, angry or otherwise.  I guess that makes me a racist, stating that FACT, doesn’t it?

  5. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Hundreds of thousands of ACORN contracted service workers.

    DumFox went to at least 20 before finding ONE whom they could set up.

    Does Fox or any of their Demented Minions notice or acknowledge that fact?

    Why, no, they don’t.

  6. Tony Tony says:

    Sir William, what a mind numbing idiot you are.   With all the real criminality going on out there you call for a major Big Government investigating of who?   ACORN?   You guys on the Right are truly fucked up folk!

  7. Avatar rhys says:

    cracker? you’re as bad as the klan. no better at all. you reap what you sew, and you sew racism. the world is worse off because of you. next time you get treated different cause of your color, remember that you have done no better, and God is watching.

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Aw come on now, Rhys. Some of Eric’s best friends are po Southern crackers. He treats us rite nice.

  9. I, personally, speaking as a Southerner of limited means and indeterminate racial background (as we all are, regardless of our geographic or social position) am most embarrassed not by Yankee references to the Educational Achievement or lack thereof, of Southern Gentlemen of Limited Means (and indeterminate racial background) but instead by Southern Gentlemen of Limi… oh, you do know the rest by now, who seem to be quite proud of their Ignorance and trot it out for all to see. Such as the fans of Fox News. The ones who seem very proud that our ancestors were Duped into fighting for the “freedom” of the Very Rich to Own Other People.

    Such people are a deliberately self-inflicted stain on the south. They take pride in Ignorance because the Wealthy tell them that Ignorance is Strength. Have been, in fact, telling them that for centuries Before Orwell’s Masterpiece and still telling us that for the 7 decades SINCE. The “crackers” are white slaves who have been used as shock troops to keep the Black Slaves down. As was pointed out during a wave of Teachers (for the most part) being lynched, more than a century ago, “The only way to keep the Negro in the ditch is to have a White Man in the ditch with him, holding him down”

    These are the Cracker Clowns who form their Citizens Committees, Militiae, “Minutemen” Tea Parties and other manifestations of the Klan, and rail against groups like ACORN which promote Education and community based Self Help, rather than the centuries of Self Defeating Self Inflicted ignorance so prevalent in the South (and elsewhere)

    Just as their Klan brethren and predecessors fought during Reconstruction to keep the Blacks ignorant… and voluntarily kept themselves ignorant in their failed bid to do so.

  10. Avatar mr Dars H. says:

    if a person of color succeeds, he is a crackers pawn, if he does poorly he was held down by some cracker somewhere ? the same old drivel ! get a life get an education and stop blaming every other fugger take responsibility for your fugg ups and get mom to change your shiddy ass, its making you grumpy,

  11. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    So if a large group of inter-racial social organizations succeed it has to be that they’re corrupt and traffickers in prostitution? P.S. tell Republican Vitter to have his ‘shiddy” diaper changed.

    If Crackers like Beck and the rest of Fox News “succeed” by being propaganda agents for the very rich, and if Crackers who succeed only at being slaves, and participating in lynch-mob behavior, at the behest of the Fox Propaganda Services, why shouldn’t a not-wealthy Southerner chide them for being deliberately ignorant? I managed to learn quite a bit using publicly funded institutions like, say, the Public School System.

    The fact that I’m a genius helps, of course, but the tools are there… Or will be until Fox News succeeds in dismantling them. Tools like Labor Unions and Community Advocates such as ACORN.

    The real reason the Rich Owners of the Crackers both at Fox and in the Fox audience hate ACORN is that ACORN has actually succeeded. Unlike the Hate Freaks in the Fox Audience. Envy gets you nowhere. Nor does listening to the lies and Hate-Speech from Fox.

  12. Avatar mr Dars H. says:

    jonah, you start by saying a large group of organizations i replied to a comment about ACORN singular i watched the video and it was pure disgusting offering advice to any scumbag who wants to prostitute women or children telling how to circumnavigate the system, disguised reporters or not! chide away but don’t be an idiot! you say you are a genius, then why comment so ignorantly than, i too am in the top 3% of the country with my IQ, ravens and the rest !!explain how FOX CRACKERS are gonna stop the internet, not!! community advocate.

    is that what you say when you mean PIMPING. whoring women etc. trade unions are not the answer, in theory ,like communism, it works on paper ONLY take a look at europe in the 70s the unions caused the death of thousands in britain in a single winter. years of striking power supplies garbage removals buses on strike post on strike teachers police an endless list of crimes in my opinion because the strikes had only one purpose to keep the union bosses employed (they never go on strike do they, the union leaders who decide when to strike never walk out) and care NOTHING for the public who suffered or even died ,not to mention under takers strike which left many thousands of unburied dead across the country and in the streets unions always end with the greed of the union leaders, talk about being owned no one has ever been more OWNED than due paying union members. envy might get you off your ass and motivated?? people hate acorn for the same reason people hate murderers pimps drug dealers and crooked politicians and any other scourge on society who are only concerned for themselves ! and finally i am not a fuggin cracker ! to look at me yes white to the bone except when tanned, i am native american/european gypsy so i have seen and experienced a lot in my nearly 50 years but i have to say YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOVE THE GOVERNMENT TO LOVE YOUR COUNTRY its time that people start loving the world and their country, i believe you perpetuate the hate if you don’t speak against it, ACORN never speak against it!

  13. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    So what’s the excuse for Redneck ignorance again? Maybe it’s being overpolite to suggest that White-slave Crackers are held down just so they can help keep the Slave System in effect.

    Since they’re the most vocal advocates against Public Education in Texas (wherein lies most of my experience) and also oppose any aspect of the “lower” classes being able to form collective bargaining of any sort, as in, Unions, Voting, Community Organizers, Equal Rights etc etc etc…

    And still, there’s no justification for the notion that “more blacks” fail than whites. It’s not a secret in the South that Racial boundaries don’t actually exist. It’s why I can go to any County in East Texas or any Parish in Louisiana, call everybody I meet “cousin” and probably be correct.

    Do you know, in Texas, they still teach the fallacy in History classes (7th grade Texas History, required course across the state) that the Civil War was about States’ Rights and didn’t have anything to do with Slavery? And they teach that the Negro Slaves were better off than their white counterparts. Make no mistake, bubba, Slavery still exists, and they still use the same “White v Black” mantras to keep it in place.

    By the way, the White slaves just TRIED to keep the Blacks in the ditch. It ain’t working. More people are recognizing it. It’s why we now have a Black President. And part of that is because ACORN and other non-racist groups beat out the Klan and their political puppets in the Republican Party in “getting out the vote”.

    That and people are really tired of Racist asswipes like Sarah Palin and Richard Cheney thinking they speak for all Americans.

    To the tune of 70 MILLION votes against their tired old Hatred Based Regime.

    You know when the South will really rise above the stench of Racism? It won’t be when Louisiana or Texas has a Black governor. Or a Hispanic Governor. It’ll be when the Crybabies at DumFox Noose Nutwerx quit bitching about it.

  14. Avatar Harlin says:

    I’m glad that these two exposed Acorn for what it is. Now closing. But don’t get too sad, just like crackers would, the leadership of Acorn will figure out how to open under a new name and save Obama the shame of his association to a defunct and criminally stupid organization.

  15. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And then it turned out to be a Hoax. Because you Right Wing “journalists” are such a bunch of Lying Fucks.

    I used to work for ACORN and I’m damned proud of it.
    So you pricks took down decent people with a pack of lies, what a surprise.
    You were just pissed off that they did a really good job of getting out the vote against your Baby-Killing Murder Organization, the Republican Party, and your Fascist Ex-President Bush.

    I bet you’re proud of the lies YOUR criminally Stupid organization told to get us into two unwinnable wars, for the benefit of a few Corporate Entities which have stolen trillions of dollars from America.

    I bet you’re prouder still that your lying murdering Party got 6,000 + American soldiers killed for your oil.

    I bet you’re proudest of all that you pricks murdered 120 Disabled Americans every day that you delayed Health Care.

    Especially the kids. Y’all Republicans sho’ does love you some baby killing.

  16. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Let’s make it even clearer, punk. You Coward, lying anti-American Fox-news Retards put together a hacked together video and used it as a distractive propaganda tool while you were systematically denying Health Care and therefore LIFE itself to AMERICANS. Disabled Americans, because you Re-Puke-Lickin’ Party types like to go after the easier targets.

    It’s why you date Yo Momma.

  17. Avatar patchsl says:

    ACORN was/is/will ever be a scam, staffed by scammers, supported by faux activists… good riddance!

    Unfortunately, useful idiots like those at NMT will simply re-badge the scammers… open shop with the same scoundrels…

  18. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    yeah, I can see where a certain type of Right Wing Puke would rejoice to see a successful advocacy group taken down, especially one which has been very successful against your PIG establishment.

    Fact is, the video was considerably doctored. But that wouldn’t matter to the type who goes after the poorest of the poor and the type who would CHEER for the Colorado Springs Gestapo Department beating up elderly and disabled people at a parade.

    Dude, you ought to change your name to “paregoric”.

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