Happy White Presidents’ Day!

five-living-US-presidentsMilitary customers in Colorado Springs were angered by a picture of Barack Obama on a sign outside the Pete Field Commissary announcing a Presidents’ Day store closure. Disgruntled and bewildered shoppers complained that the holiday was to be a celebration of George Washington and Abe Lincoln, not THAT ONE. The Defense Commissary Agency removed Obama’s picture but were unable to change the fact Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

3 thoughts on “Happy White Presidents’ Day!

  1. Avatarpcmulkey

    Marie, when I read the article in the local garbette, it sickened me to think that the people walking around me could be so bigoted. The military are to serve at the behest of the president, their commander-in-chief. I wonder, does anyone know if in the past any other president’s picture was displayed?

  2. AvatarMarie Walden Post author

    PC, I don’t know for certain but having grown up in an Air Force family and lived on 3 different AF bases, I know that Republican presidents, especially in war times, are displayed and lauded pretty much everywhere you go. Jimmy Carter, I recall, not so much.

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