Illegal Alien costume has a Green Card

Illegal Alien Costume manufactured by Forum novelties, Avery Schreiber mustache not included
It’s called the Illegal Alien Costume, available at Target, Walmart, et al. And look– he’s tendering a Green Card! That means he’s overqualified to work the night shift cleaning super center floors. Immigrant rights activists are calling for the retailers to pull the costumes. No human being is illegal, certainly not #1 enemy of the state, which most Americans associate the Gitmo jumpsuit. Halloween party planners say, lighten up! Political Correctness goes too far to ask us to show sensitivity for the thousands of undocumented workers being rounded up by ICE, incarcerated indefinitely in privately operated Wackenhut detention centers, who may or may not be wearing orange Guantanamo prison garb. When Abu Ghraib type snapshots emerge from these DHS funded facilities, next year’s Halloween xenophobic gag may be for adults only.

7 thoughts on “Illegal Alien costume has a Green Card

  1. I’ll be dressed up this Halloween as Rush Limbo! Eric, you might try to costume in for the event as Glen Dreck? We can also use the same outfits later for Mardi Gras and go party big time as LIBERAL HOMOSEXUALS!

    Marie will have to go out on the witch’s night as Ann Coulter and Jonah might fit in as that sheriff down in Maricopa County, Arizona. He could handcuff us in February for moral turptitude and then deport us all one way to Cuba!

  2. I don’t know if I can make it near the airport….
    Those watchlists are so mean nowadays I haven’t even tried in a while.
    Unless they would let me put you onto a bus to Cuba…

    Like the really bad joke from the sixties.

    Next they’re going to be checking people with backpacks at the Bus Terminal. That’s what Homeland Insecurity says needs to be done anyway.
    I read that and thought OMG they’re giving the igpays carte blanche to harass homeless people.

    OK, just reinforcing the powers they already had.

    Maybe they’ll just go whole hog, make everybody walk around stark nekkid till they figure out some way to control our large pockets, coats, purses, backpacks, instrument cases… Make all of America into one huge Open-Air SuperMax.

    That started as a joke, now that I’ve got this far it just looks depressing.
    What’s next, are they going to have Steppin’ Fetchit costumes to go with the Illegal Alien?

  3. I was going to mention maybe a Cracker Clown suit but nobody in the Springs would notice the difference anyway. Damn that’s mind boggling.

    I always used to think that people who would find racism “light humor” would just take themselves out of the breeding pool early and we’d advance that much more quickly. So now I’ve had to revise my forecast.

    On the other hand, it’s been in my short lifetime that “jokes” like that would have gone unquestioned, when people wouldn’t even try to explain away the bigotry. It’s a positive step. Only a small one, mind you, but a positive step, that some of them, at least, will find their own behavior shameful enough that they’d at least regret it.

  4. Oh please, they’re poking fun, its not like they’re pointing fingers at anyone.
    Society is so messed up over the little things in life, people need to lighten up and look at the bigger picture.

  5. I would have designed an illegal alien costume with multiple tentacles myself, Alex. With shooting slime!

  6. Yeah, I know, like Racism and the FACT that the Baby-Killer Minutemen murdered an American child, Briseña Flores and her father because they were “mexican”.

    Gee, you don’t suppose that Coward Bitches like that take comfort from people believing that Racist Expressions are “harmless fun” do you?

    Not taking “courage” because to that sort Courage is a completely “alien” concept.

  7. That would perhaps be a bigger picture than portraying human beings as either “illegal’ or “alien”.

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