D. Lamborn don’t want to hear from U

Tomorrow brings another last chance to will America some health care. Representative Lamborn is back in town on Monday, asking his constituents to come let him know how to vote on health care reform, as if he were not already fully in every corporate pocket. Come on out, although Doug Lamborn cannot fail but deliver the TV coverage his backers expect. No doubt Lamborn was commissioned to gather his fellow teabaggers, to give the networks more grassroots backdrop for the so-called populist opposition to health reform. Come anyway. Shooting fish in a barrel is underrated. Mostly teabags know only the barest of talking points. They show up to show what good fan club members they are, for their favorite Fox, disinfotainment clowns.

It’s billed as: Doug Lamborn’s Health Care Legislation Town Hall Meeting, on Monday, October 19 from 11:30am to 12:30pm. At the Stargazer Event Center, 10 S. Parkside Drive, off Pikes Peak.

Come early. The last time the conservative Lamborn threw a town hall, he overfilled the minuscule room hours before with Republicans only. This time the venue is giant, but it’s no surprise the date coincides with the latest tea party roll out. Expect ignoramuses in droves, made to go play outside by their fairy TV godparents, Becks, Limbaughs and Malkins. They’ll give KRDO the usual low common denominator that doesn’t turn heads in the Springs.

The health argument is growing simpler every time we do this. This disagreement isn’t between those who have insurance and those who do not. It’s between those who haven’t needed medical care, and those who have.

Insured or not, no one’s getting care.

The joke’s on the poor bastards agitating for the continuing privilege to pay the spiraling premiums. Most, I’ll bet, don’t actually have insurance. They cling to their right not to buy any. They would be adversely affected if reform passes as currently drafted. Can’t argue with that.

But wait ’til they need something from a doctor, even just to schedule a visit, or get a prescription. Chief among their recurring arguments is that the uninsured right now can walk into any hospital and get treated. They recite this anecdote either because they’ve done it, or their friend’s done it, or Rush keeps bellyaching about how everybody’s doing it. But they’re sure of it.

Of course, that can remedy a broken arm, or a burst appendix, but forget recurring treatments. If you are diagnosed with something that’s not going to kill you in the emergency room, they can wait. You can wait, at home, to let your ailment get the best of you. The end.

8 thoughts on “D. Lamborn don’t want to hear from U

  1. So the federal government’s going to increase that guy’s likelihood of getting good recurring treatment?? What is it about the government’s track record that leads you to believe that? Their excellent postal service results? Their effiecency in road construction? The incredible fruits of our public schools?

    This isn’t about increasing the effectiveness of anything. That’s a complete farce. It’s about leveling society’s playing field between rich and poor. Period. And, yes, that goal will be achieved. Not by the poor getting better care, but by ensuring that no one gets better care than the poor.

  2. Hohoho. The US Postal Service is excellent by the way, although you privatizing bastards are after those dollars too. Ya need a better example than the USPS to demonize health-care-for-all in favor of a corrupt for-profit model. And you’re worried about leveling the playing field. Are you satisfied with its level now? The US ranks 37th in the world.

  3. These creeps are always just so suspicious of Big Government when it comes to trying to get them to do their job that includes providing services to the common people, aren’t they? But when it comes to ‘defense’ then they haven’t a bleep to say as the government hands out trillions to the big corporations in welfare. They are just such whiny turds! Disgusting! They are what makes our country such a total disaster.

  4. The US Postal Service excellent? Wow. Let’s just agree that this captures the essence of the difference in our opinion. The USPS can’t even pay its own way:


    Tony – interesting response. Let’s just take a step back and understand your attack against me. You attack me as being stingy. And what do you know about me as an individual to justify that accusation? The answer: you know one thing – my stand on the Federal Government health care takeover. I’m stingy because I don’t want the Federal Government to take over the health care industry. For those that don’t understand the left’s mentality, they’ll need help connecting those dots: Big Government handouts are the solution for serving the poor and needy of society; therefore, if you don’t believe in Big Government handounts, you’re selfish and greedy. That is the religion of the left.

  5. You are too dopey to figure it out, Brian. The Left simply thinks that the government (ours, in theory only) should deliver some services to the poor and not just to the super rich corporate types, military and police, prison-industrial industry and roads (automobile and oil) industry and that only seems radical to Ditto-ized nitwits like yourself. It is a sad fact that our country has more than our fair share of nitwits, too. You twits think you are living in paradise for all that. Just how stupid is that though? All you’re Right Wingers are doing is screwing up the entire planet without a single thought about it in your dull little heads.

  6. Please educate me. I’d desperately love to “figure it out.”

    So far, all I know is that I’m stingy, dopey, radical, Ditto-ized, a nitwit, a twit, stupid, screwing up the planet, dull, a creep, a whiny turd, making our country a disaster, and a bastard.

    Those are hostile and offensive personal attacks on someone you’ve never met and don’t know. This confirms the essence of your argument.

    To address the 2 points you did make:

    1. We twits “think we’re living in paradise”. I don’t know what you mean by this. In my world, there are terrible hardships combined with great joys. It’s true, I love life – does this disqualify me as one who should influence our society? Should we only take our cues from those that apparently only think the world is a devastating, depressing place, such as yourself?

    2. The government should “deliver some services” to the poor and not just “to the super rich” etc. Would you prefer a society where we didn’t have military, police, corporations, prisons, cars, and roads? That seems to pretty much be the goal of Al-qaeda – whipe the US clean from everything resembling modern civilization.

  7. Oh, I’m sorry, Brian. You’re not used to being talked too this way, are you? You’re too busy thinking of yourself as a BIG hero fighter against the already dead, Osama bin Laden, and his army of phantoms your Pentagon War Machine is perpetually supposedly mobilized against. And I’m so disrespectful to you. Makes me want to cry it does. I salute you for having such a tough hide.

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