Is an Israeli calling another Israeli “Fascist”, Anti-Semitic?

Just felt that should be tossed onto the bonfire of Faux-Rage.

Seems the election is going to be a lot closer than expected, earlier it was thought that the Pro-War Parties would fall right into Power riding on a wave of “Israel is Always Right” misplaced Jingoistic sympathies.

It appears that the War War War More War me-and-that-psychiatrist-
feller-was-jumpin’-up-and-down-yellin’-kill-kill-kill,-and-the-Sergeant-came-in-pinned-a-medal-on-my-chest-and-said-“kid, you’re our boy” partisans aren’t doing nearly as well as they thought they would.

Why that matters is a member of Knesset used the Fascist epithet against one of the most rabidly Anti-Arab politicos.

Seems the “Palestinians are just re-Branded Arabs” theme is just a little too uncomfortably close to the old “Jews are UnterMenschen” racist crap (which it truly is) for a LOT of Israelis to just throw out the stiff armed salute and accept and support it.

American non-religious “Jews” like Wolfowicz and Jonah Goldberg apparently pushed the Wrong buttons.

(I put Jews in quotes because of the same reason I would put “men” in quotes to describe them, they were born male and they were born hebrew with a lower-case “H,” but judging from their subsequent actions, I think the mohel must have had to use a microscope and a tiny little knife)

Likud was hoping earlier for a 70% majority.

Without the Invasion of the Ghetto, they might well have gotten it.

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