Protests in Israel against country’s military for targeting Gaza civilians

From Haaretz… Protests as IDF colonel who ruled for attacks on Gaza civilians starts as TAU lecturer …And how many times have we at Not My Tribe had to listen to posters from the Israeli military propaganda Spam Gun here deny that their beloved Israeli military has ever deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza? I can’t even begin to count the number myself since it has happened so often now.

‘Sharvit-Baruch was appointed by the Law Faculty to teach a class this semester. Both professors and students protested the move, after Haaretz reported that under Sharvit-Baruch’s command, IDF legal experts legitimized strikes involving Gaza civilians, including the bombardment of the Gaza police course closing ceremony. Right-wing students waving Israeli flags were joined outside of the classroom by Likud MKs Danny Danon and Tzipi Hotovely, where they were met by left-wing protestors.’

Isn’t this new law professor a terrorist, in fact? A terrorist financed partially by the United States government since our government gives tens of billions of dollars in aid to Israel to buy military equipment used to attack civilians?

Hysterical Revisionism Parte Veint..

Ok, so one of the first posts I made was on the subject of what I call amongst other things Jingoistic Bullshit.
Like Ward Churchill getting fired and the suggestion being made by local Right Wing Freaks that he be prosecuted and even EXECUTED for teaching that the U.S. Army committed deliberate Extermination campaigns against Americans and used Biological Warfare in doing so.

The reason I bring it back up is because our Latest IDF Apologist/Propagandist keeps using the same notion the Others did, that we’re somehow “ignorant” of Middle East History merely because we don’t cite the History Textbooks they use in the Tel Aviv Public Schools.

To bring it on down, lest I be accused of being “unhinged”, if I were to enter into a discussion on Recent European History and, let’s say, just for giggles, pointed out that the British Public School textbooks say that the IRA are a bunch of terrorists (U.S. textbooks say the same stupid shit) and the insinuation that the Potato Famine was caused not by the British Overlords shipping out ALL the grain produced in Ireland, (even though it’s documented in shipping records, number (daily)of hundreds of tons of wheat shipped to England on one page and number of Irish Children dead in a sidebar on the same page)

But if I were to cite EXCLUSIVELY British History Texts as approved by Her Majesty Bess2 as an accurate portrayal of Irish History I would not be Taken Seriously.
Especially if I were to Arrogantly demand that the English version be the ONLY version accepted as valid for the discussion.

At that point not only would I be a Jingoistic Nutter I would also be an “Arse”.

To make a further point, there’s a Texas History Society who did a special that gets repeated on the Hysteric Channel and National Geographic Channel about the Alamo.

Which is what I wrote thereof c. 2 years ago.

Seems that even though the only written accounts of what happened to David Crockett and the other “defenders” after the walls were breached, Were Written By Mexican Soldiers…

And that even though the one most in question with the Freaks is one that asserted that General Antonio Jose y Maria Lopez (de Santa Ana) ordered a War Crime to be committed… Declaring the Texians to be “Unlawful combatants” (sound familiar, Trolls? Right Wingers? anybody? … Bueller? … anybody?) and Killing the Prisoners.

Including but not limited to one Colonel David Crockett.

In spite of this being evidence of War Crimes committed by the person who wrote it, it’s called into question Because We Are Supposed To Believe The John Wayne Version Wherein Davy Crockett Died In Battle…

And if we don’t, we’re, And I can not possibly make shit like this up, it takes a truly demented soul to think of it “undermining the Global War On Terror” because Our Troops are engaged in a war with the Brown-skinned Hordes and if they were taught to question the History as Told By The U.S. Government, why, they might question the “Historical Fact” that Iraq was Invaded, Conquered and Occupied Errrrr… I mean “Liberated” yeah, that’s the ticket, Liberated because Saddam Hussein refused to give up his Weapons of Mass Destruction.

A story told by the same IDF and Likud people who tell us that they were and are perfectly justified in Invading, occupying and murdering the citizens of Gaza.

Now, Seventh Grade Tel Aviv Public School History, you know, you only are obligated to mark on the Examinations that the dates and names and locations you just learned to recite (like a whole class full of 13 year old humanoid Parrots) said this, that or the other thing about The Glorious History of The State of Israel.

Bringing it into serious discussions with Grown-Ups and demanding that it be the only source of information that YOU will allow into the discussion comes off as being very Arrogant and Pigheaded.

Especially if the discussion is based on a website that doesn’t actually belong to you.

The Ward Churchill Haters and the New Defenders of The Legend Of The Alamo, they’re fairly easy to spot as being Arrogant Ignorant Rednecks who, in the words of a pastor I once knew “Need Less beer and more Bible”

IDF Trolls, apparently paid Trolls, making similar assertions come off as being, well, of the Same Caste.

New Israeli government rejects Peace with Palestinians

Disproportionate response
Here in this cartoon above, is how the Jewish State Zionist flock see themselves as victims who are prevented from finding a ‘peaceful solution’ to the Jewish State-Palestinian conflict. So just what is their proposed ‘solution’ then?

There are 3 ‘solutions’ to the finding ‘peace’ for the Israeli-Palestinians conflict. The 2 most openly discussed ‘solutions’ are usually termed the ‘One State Solution’ where Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews would live in one state where both would have equal rights together. And the other well-known proposal is called the ‘Two State Solution’, and is supported by those who posit that neither group could get along with the other in a single territory or state, so that two separate states must be created to then live side by side with each other. But there is yet another ‘solution’ for the conflict that the actual Israeli government has been covertly supporting for decades now.

This third ‘solution’ should be called the ‘Final Solution’ in my opinion, because it is seen as just that by the Israeli government itself. That ‘Final Solution’ advocated by the Israeli government, is that all Palestinians must be forced out of the Occupied Territories and other areas that Jewish people covet, and forced to live in the surrounding Arab countries. Obviously ethnic cleansing must occur for the ‘Final Solution’ to ever be fully implemented, just as ethnic cleansing was needed in the first place for the original establishment of the Jewish State over Palestine to have occurred.

See just who inside Israel advocates this ‘Final Solution’ to be implemented against the Palestinians… Israel’s Likud resists “two-state” commitment or the ‘One State Solution’ for that matter. That leaves only the ‘Final Solution’ that will satisfy the Jewish State crowd. It is pretty straight forward what they actually want.

Megaphone troll “mistakes”

One of them suggested that the only mistake was another one=ten of them logged in with many usernames, thus undermining the message.
The Message undermines itself. It starts with the Racist precept that the “Palestinians are not a People”, meaning more simply “They ain’t Humans with human rights or human emotions or human dignity”.

And, gentlemen, that IS the premise on which the entire Gaza Ghetto creation, the entire War Against Civilians in Gaza, is founded.

That’s the position you’ve spent much time defending.

The simple fact is, YOU, being American ChickenHawks, not even Israelis, and I strongly suspect not even JEWISH Americans, Hate.

You hate, therefore you kill.

Even though your only participation in the Racially Motivated Hate Crime going on against the PEOPLE of Gaza right now, is to stand on the sidelines and cheer for the Other Murderers.

That’s called “Aiding and Abetting” in Legal Terms.

It makes you every bit as guilty of Murder as if you actually had the STONES to put the weapon into your own cowardly hands and strike PEOPLE dead.

You wish to repeat the Lies issued to you by Likud and IDF and the Pentagon, and get indignant when you’re called Liars? Too Bad.

I’ll Remind YOU, again and again, that the Lying sources of your “evidence” are the same sources for Mr Bush’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lies.

IDF murders civilians, and are “cleared” by an investigation conducted by who, exactly?

Oh, that’s right, the so called “investigation” is done by THEIR FELLOW MURDERING PIGS in the IDF and the U.S. Military

Golly gee, that makes perfect sense… Military Pig asks his fellow murderer “Did you commit any murders?”
His fellow Murderer says “Why, no, I didn’t”

Military Pig “investigating” says “Oh, OK, case closed”.

Then the Trolls act like they’re Offended and that it’s somehow “Hate Speech” that WE don’t just believe the Pigs the same way they do.

Wikipedia and those romantic Zionists

Wikipedia for IsraelIn researching the evolution of Zionist terrorism, from clandestine militias like Bar-Giora, to Hashomer, Haganah, Etzel, and the pro-Nazi Stern Gang, I came upon this opening paragraph in Wikipedia. Describing Bar-Giora, it began: “On September 28, 1907, a group of activists from Poalei Zion gathered in Yitzhak Ben-Zvi’s tiny Jaffa apartment. There was no furniture, the men sat on the floor in a circle and used a crate for a desk.”
Some helpful Wiki elf was obviously feeling sentimental.

Here’s the full paragraph, one third of the only more nostalgic full article:

On September 28, 1907, a group of activists from Poalei Zion gathered in Yitzhak Ben-Zvi’s tiny Jaffa apartment. There was no furniture, the men sat on the floor in a circle and used a crate for a desk. Inspired by Israel Shochat’s ideas, they agreed that the only way to fulfill the dream of becoming a Jewish nation was to rise up and assert themselves through cultivating and defending their land themselves. The state of things in the early years of the 20th Century in Palestine, was such that Jewish farmers employed Arabs to work their farms and protect them, and in turn were subject to landlords, such as Edmond de Rothschild’s agents. There was much discontent and disillusionment.

Thus I was sparked to delve into the oft-derided accusation that Wikipedia is biased toward Israel. Compare the paragraph above, to the introductions of Wiki articles about militant Muslim or Arab groups. Start with Wiki’s official terrorist list and judge for yourself.

Electronic Intifada documented an interesting story last year, when they interrupted the Zionist site CAMERA from organizing commando edit raids on Wikipedia to ensure Israel was always shown in a favorable light. In its report, EI leaked the email thread which, by the way, serves as a great instruction manual for aspiring Wiki editors. We’ll reprint the conversation below.

The episode is documented in several articles. Beginning with EI exclusive: a pro-Israel group’s plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia, The Electronic Intifada, 21 April 2008. (Reprinted in Global Research 4/24.)

Alex Beam, of The Boston Globe, broke the story in print on May 6, 2008, in War of the virtual Wiki-worlds.

Next came Israel Shamir, Wiki, the Chaos Controlled, who asserted that CAMERA’s interrupted zeal masked Wikipedia’s already Zionist admins. Shamir’s continuing battle with Wikipedia can be followed in wiki/Talk).

Hashomer clandestine paramilitary malitiaAbout the clandestine pre-Israel paramilitary organizations, which eventually became the Israel Defense Force? Their history is very interesting. The Zionist policy of using “retaliation” to justify strikes, started right from the beginning.

When the Jewish settlers, many of whom were immigrating into Palestine illegally, felt that British authorities were not giving them preferred treatment in disputes with local Arabs, they organized private armies to quell Arab unrest over their expanding landholdings.

During WWI, these fighters, formed as Hashomer, worked behind the lines with an intelligence branch named Nili, to help the British drive out the Turks. When the Paris Treaty of 1919 did not yield a Zionist state as promised, the militants reformed as Haganah. Commando units under FOSH attacked Arabs during the revolts of the 1930s, which became HISH to fight on the side of the Allies in WWII, meanwhile the Haganah Bet, better known as the Etzel, or Irgun, unleashed terrorist attacks against the British.

In 1938 Irgun leader David Raziel, defined Israel’s prevailing policy of DEFENSIVE ATTACK:

“The actions of the Haganah alone will never be a true victory. If the goal of the war is to break the will of the enemy – and this cannot be attained without destroying his spirit – clearly we cannot be satisfied with solely defensive operations… Defensiveness by way of offensiveness, in order to deprive the enemy the option of attacking, is called active defense.”

During WWII, Irgun kept up its fight against the British, in collaboration with Nazi Germany. In exchange for FIRST) the promise of Palestine being made an independent Zionist state, and SECOND) that Jews of Occupied Europe be allowed to emigrate to Israel, instead of the Nazi suggested destination of Gibraltar.

After the war, Irgun scored its most dramatic attacks, before and during the formation of Israel. Widely denounced by international critics as a terrorist organization, Irgun became the right-wing predecessor to today’s Likud Party.

Wikipedia describes this episode in a tentative fashion: An offshoot of Irgun, better known as the STERN GANG, (but the Wiki article is named by its official Lihi title), tried to make a pact with the Nazis, but never heard back. Later Lihi was honored for its historic contribution to the establishment of Israel.

Judged by God? Probably…

But the anti-Semitism expressed BY (not against) Likud and their allies in AIPAC and the Republican (mostly) Party will rebound.
Jewish people should know better, maybe the “history” taught this newest generation leaves out every part of the Holocaust preceding the attacks on Jews.

Because the Jewish victims weren’t the first victims. They might have been Uncle Alfie’s (Adolf) major priority, but he had to build up to get to the point where he could have a Major Ethnic Group imprisoned.

His first major victims were members of his own Party, The SturmAbteilung Brownshirt Stormtroopers.

Yeah, they deserved condemnation.

But the way it was handled, including building them up and setting them up for the Coup, departs from all standards of decency.

Never mind “Laws”.

Other groups who preceded Jews into the Camps, And I bet the Racist, Fascist Bastardists in AIPAC and the Republican Party strongly support these actions and Hate them just as much as they do Arabs and Jews…

  • Anarchists
    Mentally Ill
    Polio Victims (at the time Polio was just as incurable as AIDS is today)
    Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • By demonizing Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular, AIPAC and the Republicans are setting the stage.

    The Play has been performed for sold out audiences across history, but we’re witnessing Act One, Scene 2… again.

    And when Comrade Netanyahu speaks…

    Yeah, I know, Animal Farm is supposed to be a dystopia all about the Soviets and can NOT be applied to any other political group… The American Fascist errr… “Republican” yeah, that’s the ticket… Forbid You To Say Otherwise..

    I wonder why our friends from the Megaphone don’t just as loudly trumpet anything Israelis other than Likud say?

    Like when Comrade Chairman Liebermann compared peace activists to Nazi Collaborators… that gets huge cheers from the Likud Megaphone…

    But then a strange thing happens…

    On Saturday night Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said that, “Whoever votes for Lieberman gives strength to Satan.”

    Shas is a political arm of a religious Fundamentalist sect of Judaism who would make the Pharisees say they should lighten up

    But in the book, you know, whenever Comrade Napoleon or Comrade Squealer said anything, there was reverent silence followed immediately by the Sheep chanting “Four Legs Good, two legs Baaaddd”

    And when anybody else stood up to speak, especially if it was a Comrade who wasn’t in full agreement with Comrades Napoleon and Squealer, The Likud Megaphone errr The Sheep would start chanting “Four Legs Good, Endless war with Palestine Better!

    I know I’m only slightly mixing the metaphors.

    Actually it’s clarifying the blurred areas between metaphors.

    So that even the Loudest, Blindest Stupidest sheep can see….

    Is an Israeli calling another Israeli “Fascist”, Anti-Semitic?

    Just felt that should be tossed onto the bonfire of Faux-Rage.

    Seems the election is going to be a lot closer than expected, earlier it was thought that the Pro-War Parties would fall right into Power riding on a wave of “Israel is Always Right” misplaced Jingoistic sympathies.

    It appears that the War War War More War me-and-that-psychiatrist-
    feller-was-jumpin’-up-and-down-yellin’-kill-kill-kill,-and-the-Sergeant-came-in-pinned-a-medal-on-my-chest-and-said-“kid, you’re our boy” partisans aren’t doing nearly as well as they thought they would.

    Why that matters is a member of Knesset used the Fascist epithet against one of the most rabidly Anti-Arab politicos.

    Seems the “Palestinians are just re-Branded Arabs” theme is just a little too uncomfortably close to the old “Jews are UnterMenschen” racist crap (which it truly is) for a LOT of Israelis to just throw out the stiff armed salute and accept and support it.

    American non-religious “Jews” like Wolfowicz and Jonah Goldberg apparently pushed the Wrong buttons.

    (I put Jews in quotes because of the same reason I would put “men” in quotes to describe them, they were born male and they were born hebrew with a lower-case “H,” but judging from their subsequent actions, I think the mohel must have had to use a microscope and a tiny little knife)

    Likud was hoping earlier for a 70% majority.

    Without the Invasion of the Ghetto, they might well have gotten it.

    Israel declined December cease-fire offer because it meant opening the Gaza border

    A US media blackout is keeping the Gaza solidarity demonstrations out of the news, while repeating the mantra of Israel’s right to defend itself. Behind the media lies, the diplomatic records speak another story: Israel Rejected Hamas Cease-Fire Offer in December. Colorado Springs’ own Rabbi Donald Levy has been decrying in the local press how Israel is criticized “so deeply and so repeatedly…simply for defending its borders.” Speaking for the Jewish Community, Levy explained to KRDO how all Jews feel some connection to Israel, and that the community hopes recent events will lead to the destruction of Hamas.

    The “destruction of Hamas?” Hamas members are the democratically elected representatives of Palestine! It’s one thing to call for “wiping Israel [an apartheid theocracy imposed upon Arabs] from the map.” Even Hamas is not cheerleading for a liquidation of all Israeli Likud Party members!

    Between this and two people asking what “genocide” means…

    I sense a massive failure in our educational values, more deeply rooted than any Public Education Bureaucracy.

    Another guy, stout fellow, started cursing us and saying he was a Marine and had fought for “us” and “our freedom” (and the implication that “How Dare We Criticize”)

    So, here’s a question he didn’t want to face last night… are the Likud party and our Republican party anti-Semitic because they essentially set up the State of Israel in order to bring about the prophesied Destruction of the State of Israel?

    He also identified himself as Jewish…

    Or those “Jews” in the Likud-backed PNAC who stated that a biological warfare agent targeted to what is THEIR own genotype should be unleashed on the Arabian Peninsula?

    For those who don’t study Geography very closely in our public schools, or private schools for that matter

    (“what are the three members of the NAFTA agreement?” Correct answer, U.S., Mexico and Canada… A recent candidate for U.S. Vice President’s answer “I’ll have to get back to you on that”)

    Israel is right there on the western edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

    But basically the assumption was made that exactly NONE of us were veterans, and thus had no real Right to criticize.

    Ignoring the logical answer that Israel isn’t officially fighting to maintain American Policy or American Freedom.

    So it shows a basic unwillingness of the American educational philosophy to actually Question Illogical Rhetoric.

    Like the paired statements “Only people who have fought in wars are qualified to question the ‘need’ for War” and it’s Evil Twin

    “People who have not fought in wars can and indeed should SUPPORT the War”

    Let’s take that further shall we?

    “unless you have lived in slavery you are not qualified to oppose Slavery”

    and the closely related

    “unless you have been a Nazi or a Fascist you have no qualifications to question Nazism or Fascism”

    Unless you have murdered you’re not qualified to condemn murder.

    See, these are the kinds of Orwellian Madness that are necessary to have us accept living in a dictatorship.

    Incidentally, Marine, if you read this or somebody tells you about it, Bush and Cheney and Wolfowitz and Rove et al…

    They never fought in wars either.

    But they DO make money off every human life destroyed in their wars, including their war-by-proxy in Gaza.

    Jew, Arab, American Jew, American Christian, American Muslim, doesn’t matter.

    They’re selling the lives of their fellow humans for money, and it’s WRONG even if you did fight for it.

    They made money off the deaths of your fellow Marines, the ones that particularly insult you and every Real Marine were the ones who USMC Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North literally paid to have blown up in Beirut, and made money for brokering the deal.

    Semper Fi.

    Those are the Real Enemy, not me, not those of us who opposed it then and oppose the same deal being made now.

    So do the most prominent members of Likud.

    I realize, too, that Likud isn’t officially in power, but the Regime du Jour is sucking much Likud ass and there’s a strong probability that this past week’s actions were designed to appease the voters who might actually Vote Likud in a month.

    Eavesdropping steak and potatoes

    Israeli President Moshe Katsav, head of the Likud Party, has been charged by the Israeli police of rape and eavesdropping. He is accused by ten women of rape, and he is accused of eavesdropping. He is being asked to resign, and he’s expected to resign.
    For eavesdropping? How silly!

    Rape and eavesdropping. You don’t accuse a killer of murder and loitering. It’s not meat and a side order of potatoes, it’s meat AND potatoes. Rape AND eavesdropping. I guess it’s no small thing, eavesdropping: a president, wiretapping the phones of his subjects and associates.

    Our own Chief of Misbehavior is not only accused of eavesdropping, he’s admitted to eavesdropping. He’s confessed. No amount of wrangling with the law retroactively can render illegal actions legal. Let’s ask President Bush to resign. Let him know it’s expected of him.