Israel’s use of White Phosphorus in Gaza

gaza white phosferrous
An Italian director has a film about military use of White Phosphorus called The Hidden Massacre on youtube well worth watching to get an idea of what Israel’s use in Gaza of this chemical weapon is likely producing now. The US used this weapon against Fallujah in Iraq and Israel has used it already previously in Lebanon. Israel Using White Phosphorus In Gaza Nothing much in our country has changed since US use of napalm against the Vietnamese.

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2 Responses to Israel’s use of White Phosphorus in Gaza

  1. We used phosphorus in Vietnam, too. We also used the clusterbombs, that bounced off of the ground to about waist high before exploding fragments of sharpened clear plastic type of material, which were difficult to get out surgically because they didn’t show up well on x-ray. Waist high so it had a better chance of getting a vital organ or two. I’m sure that we have improved with our technology and the use of depleted uranium…

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    WilliePeter is technically used as a way to burn through armor and fortifications, like for instance concrete.

    It’s one of those things that will melt concrete.

    I’ve heard people boast of loading their rifles with the “tracer” rounds you use in a belt fed machine gun, to keep a fairly accurate count of how much ammo you have left, also happen to be WP… because it can light a human body on fire.

    Then there’s the M16 round, designed to cause a gut wound.

    For American and ARVN troops it would be a matter of getting to a hospital.

    BUT a Viet civilian showing up with a gutshot would be arrested, being shot by the Army is, in a puppet dictatorship like South VietNam, Iraq, Colorado Springs, is automatic proof at your Kangaroo Court tribunal hearing that you’re a terrorist.

    So the Viet Minh had three really unpleasant choices… Let their comrade die slowly over two, maybe 3 days, because busting the gut-bag<==esoteric medical term there,

    Actually peritoneum… without antiseptics and surgery is almost universally fatal.

    OR… Killing their comrade outright, that’s always a Morale Boost, almost as much fun as listening to your friend or brother or sister screaming in agony as he/she slowly dies…

    And I got this from the way Armalite and Colt sold the idea to the Pentagoons long ago… the way the round, the number of turns the bullet makes before exiting the muzzle and the propellant in the round were all designed for specifically that reason…

    If al Qa’eda or Ho Chi Minh or General Giap had said the exact same thing about one of their weapons it would be rightly called “terrorism”, but of course, the Mighty American Empire never ever no not nebbers would or could be accused of Terrorist Tactics….

    Leaving your comrade behind risks him/her being captured, patched up long enough to be subjected to Torture errr… Enhanced Discomfort Interrogation, yeah, that’s the ticket, because America and our allies don’t actually Torture any more than we would commit terrorism…

    Carrying him/her with you through Enemy Territory is also out of the question.

    Of course American Military would never treat prisoners inhumanely, but they would only have custody of the “unlawful combatants” long enough to turn them over to the ARVN who were just as brutal, terroristic and murderous an the VC were reported to be.

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