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Israel’s initial response was to lie and deny it was using white phosphorus in Gaza

When a criminal defendant lies in Court and gets caught at it, then the Court is less likely subsequently to believe anything else that might be said by the defendant. Israel initially totally denied using White Phosphorus in Gaza but … Continue reading

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Israel’s government no longer has any moral compass

‘I want to know what goes on in the heads of these experienced leaders when they decide to use such weapons in the field, this time using artillery fire in a densely populated urban area. I wonder whether they think … Continue reading

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Israel bombs Gaza United Nations headquarters using White Phosphorus

The estimates of the property damage being done to the primarily refugee population of Gaza (75% of the 1.4 million enslaved in Israel’s Gaza ghetto for the Palestinians) are now running into the Billions of Dollars, and this is an … Continue reading

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Israel’s use of White Phosphorus in Gaza

An Italian director has a film about military use of White Phosphorus called The Hidden Massacre on youtube well worth watching to get an idea of what Israel’s use in Gaza of this chemical weapon is likely producing now. The … Continue reading

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