Obama to continue torturing US held POWs at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

buzzardsBagram Air Force Base is US military, so why this ‘No US rights’ for Bagram inmates? …The simple answer is that Obama and his Administration will continue to torture Afghan POWs held by the US military. Colorado Springs is kind of a sister city to this torture prison, are we not? BTW, the Air Force Academy Buzzards suck this year with their sad sack 9-16 record.

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9 Responses to Obama to continue torturing US held POWs at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

  1. Avatar libhomo says:

    Like all Democrats, Obama needs to be pushed to do the right thing on almost all issues.

  2. Avatar Joe says:

    The prisoners at Bagram, Gitmo, etc have it much better than confinement at any county jail in this country. You’re an idiot.

  3. Eric Eric says:

    Better than say… NOT being illegally confined?

    Compared to NOT being labeled “enemy combatant” or other such fabricated category to bypass the Geneva Conventions?

  4. Avatar Joe says:

    They could be considered an enemy combatant very simply. Behave in a manner consistent with the Geneva Convention. If they want Geneva Convention consideration, they should stop cutting heads off and summarily executing prisoners. I agree that we need to adhere to principles. However, in my two tours in Afghanistan, I met very few innocents “detainees.” We really are the good guys. There are exceptions, but I gave a drag of a smoke and a piece of licorice to my enemy as they awaited their flight to Bagram. This, after they killed my friends. I’m no better than anyone else, but please believe, these guys are animals. They treat women like pigs and have no respect for humanity. Spend a day in my shoes and you may think differently. Having said all of this, I deeply respect dissent and varying opinions. Sorry for the idiot remark. I tend to take things personally. I’m working on that.

  5. You mean like the members of the French, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Dutch and Greek Resistance groups were?

    Because, you know, you and your Coward Freak former President resurrected almost word for word the Gestapo rationale for torturing, killing and secret detention of Resistance Fighters.

    Oh, and the retaliatory strikes directly targeting civilians, which I understand are going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza…
    Just like the Gestapo and WaffenSchutzStaffel did.

    Cheney and Bush are coward punks, and if THEY are YOUR leaders, what does that say about YOUR “manhood”, Joe?

    I think you must be a Coward Punk Bitch just like them.

  6. See, I have about zero tolerance for the “they’re animals” attitudes.

    You might just as well say “Dies Juden bin Untermenschen” or use terms like Rag head or Sand-nigger.

    It’s the same rationale the Pigs in the county jails here use when they beat a handcuffed prisoner for the Heinous Crime of talking back to their Coward Pig unjustifiably inflated egos.

    It’s scumbag behavior and they know it, the prisoners know it, and they’re somehow ashamed to admit in public that it’s only their wounded “pride” that’s at stake.

    I noticed that you said you “gave one a drag of your smoke” etc .

    That must mean you’re an MP. A Military PIG.

    You bastards beat all the respect out of me early on, and always while I was handcuffed and outnumbered.

    Jail Guards are like that.

    Give you a uniform, badge and a gun and you think you’re God-damned King Kong.

    That’s what gets cops killed at traffic stops, and in Conquered countries it’s what makes people go the route of Suicide Bomber.

    People like YOU turn people into terrorists.

    They’re learning the Trade from professional Terrorists like you PIGS.

    Thank you very much for making the world more dangerous for the rest of us.

  7. Avatar jonah says:

    Tell me something, Pig, were you so really worried about their not wearing uniforms, and committing the same actions, when it was the Soviet Union who were the “liberators”?

    What will YOU, personally, do if and when the U.S. is invaded by some foreign power who are only “liberating” us?

    When resistance is a capital offense. When wearing a military uniform will just get you immediately killed.. what will you do?

    Knowing the Pig Mentality you’ll probably volunteer to be a Police Informant, be like the Northern Alliance Collaborators, sell Americans to the enemy for the price of a few extra privileges.

    Failing that “job opportunity” what level of depravity would you sink to, what depths of sucking ass would you plumb, just to save your own nasty hide?

    Because you’ve already spoken out against the notion of Resistance.

    If you consider them “animals” why do you pretend to “liberate” them?

    Give them the same “freedom” you believe, obviously, that prisoners in America and even citizens on the street have or should have?

    The freedom to do what we’re told, when we’re told, and the freedom to be arrested and assaulted if we dare to Talk Back or refuse to obey your Royal Highness when you give an order?

    Is THAT the kind of “freedom” you gave them, PIG?

    See, you call Them animals and Pigs just by nature of their birth. It’s your own smug racist sense of being “superior” them.

    But you chose, born a free human, you chose instead to Become a PIG.

    You chose it by putting on that badge.

    See, if we met on the street and I told you this, you and your pussy pig buddies would already be shooting me or arresting me on drummed-up charges because you’re too Crybaby to take being called a name and too yellow to do anything about it one-on-one.

    All the while LYING to the other citizens and especially the kids that you’re actually fighting for Freedom.

    Do you pretend to despise the Taliban, the Gestapo, the KGB, even though you do EXACTLY the same crimes?

    Saying you were an Imperial Storm Trooper doesn’t make what you said here or what you did there moral or right in any way.

    But you think you Redeemed yourself with the gift of some candy and a cigarette to a Real Man who was being sent off to your Gestapo Torture Chamber.

    Does it make you feel all Macho and powerful when you’re beating a handcuffed prisoner?

    It’s Imperialistic actions like yours that cause people to fly airplanes into your buildings.

  8. Avatar jonah says:

    I take things personally too.

    Having been on the receiving end of your “fair treatment” kind of makes me doubt that anything you say to justify it is true.

    Lord God knows your pig buddies told their fair share of lies, and much much more, to justify it.

    Smartest play you could make, bubba, is not to even try to say you’re not like that.

    I already know better and your statement that you considered every prisoner to be guilty just confirmed it.

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘We really are the good guys.’ Yeah, that no thinking attitude of many imperialist troops abroad really does get old fast, especially when it is combined with the ‘these guys are animals’ shtick.

    GI Joe doesn’t have a clue what these people are like since he can’t speak more than about 2 or 3 words of their language even. He’s a tourist, and when he gets home he pose himself off as a big authority on the area, too. Kind of makes one want to throw up..

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