Obama to free Iraqi hero early!

shoe Zaidi
Iraq shoe thrower’s jail term cut! …Now, at long last, we do see a small change coming about in the US occupation of Iraq because of the election of Barack Obama! A man who terrorized McGeorge the Clown will be freed early thanks to Abraham Obama!
It only goes to show that Allah U Akbar! In God We Trust

2 thoughts on “Obama to free Iraqi hero early!

  1. Only 5 more months of being tortured by the U.S. (military) trained Occupied Puppet Pigs.

    Maybe have a few big bad Mo-reens show those Iraqi slackers how it’s done, by giving them demonstrations on his chained and helpless body.

    Cops are like that worldwide.

    Saying Bush “Shrugged it off” was a lie as well, he ordered the arrest.

    And the Iraqi Puppets did his bidding, as usual.

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