Redux: Go away! Shoe! Shoe!

Shoebush flier

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Oh, and the IVAW is in on it too, if any of the Brethren and Sistren from the IVAW or anybody else want’s to contribute my boots to this worthy cause, mainly because I’m broker than broke and can’t afford to send them myself…. contact me, eh?

16 thoughts on “Redux: Go away! Shoe! Shoe!

  1. How’bout instead, Jonah, we just stay here in Colorado Springs and go to the next city council meeting together and throw a shoe or two at our despicable mayor, Lionel? You throw at him, and I’ll throw shoes at Tom Gallagher, the real estate man leading the local effort at city council meetings to exterminate the PREBLE’S MEADOW JUMPING MOUSE.


  2. I can do both. I have plenty of ex-shoes.

    The way I walk from the injuries causes them to wear out really quickly.

    And, say, aren’t they both that certain species of Rat Bastard who support the “right to work law”?

    You know that endears me to them as surely as their Chickenhawk Status does.

  3. Yeah, they are definitely rat bastards, both of them. That I know for sure having spent too much time at those meetings watching them play act. Perfect companion rats of the Bush Era.

  4. How misguided and even insulting to all Americans, esp. those who died in the war. Irrespective of your views on the war in Iraq, at the end of the day, Iraqis now enjoy freedom and human rights denied them under the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein. That so-called journalist who threw his shoes at former president Bush would have been tortured and executed under the previous regime. Given the American blood and treasure expended on behalf of all Iraqis, the display of ingratitude toward Bush was nothing short of grotesque. Making light of the incident in this event is un-American and truly sickening.

  5. Yeah, freedom.

    Blackwater gunned down 17 unarmed civilians, that’s 17 who died, because they didn’t deferentially get out of their way quickly enough.

    And the Smug Thugs got away with it.

    Mr Bush is like YOU, he’s content to send others to die to ensure the steady flow of Money into the pockets of his Corporate Thief Buddies.

    I just don’t have any remorse whatsoever over hurting the feelings of Dictators or their Stupid Minions.

    The “democracy and freedom”? Mr Bush’s Puppet Dictatorship in Iraq broke the man’s hand and his ribs in the torture session immediately following.

    Then he was imprisoned at a United States Air Force Base and tortured further, only this time by Americans instead of the Iraqi Puppet Government.

    The American AND Iraqi “blood and treasure” expended wasn’t for the benefit of Iraqis, it was for the benefit of Mr Bush and his Business Interests.

    The BULLSHIT about the invasion and continued Occupation bringing Freedom is just one more Right Wing Propaganda talking point and the only people who believe that shit are retards like you.

    Invading sovereign countries, breaking every American laws, torturing prisoners, killing BABIES, now THAT is Un-American.

    Coward Bitches like yourself supporting that and making your stupid demands that We, also, have to Worship your Dictatorship, that too brings shame to the name of America and to the name of God.

    The shoe-thrower faces 17 YEARS imprisonment and TORTURE for his act of Courage.

    Nobody’s “making light” of it.

    It was an act of courage above and beyond anything Mr “My Daddy Bought my way out of VietNam” George Bush EVER did or will do in his life, and beyond any courage YOU, personally, will every display.

    It is Obedient Mindless SLAVES like yourself, willing to Throw out the Straight-Armed Fascist Salute and Alle Sieg Heil am Der UberFuhrer George Bush, YOU punk sniveling bitches are the ones who bring Shame to America.

    You don’t give three-quarters of a Fat Rat’s Ass about the Dead, either American, Israeli, Arab, Palestinian, and your Faux show of “patriotism” is nothing short of Nauseating.

    Go back to masturbating to the pictures of the Dead, and the Torture Videos.

    It’s all you’re fit for.

  6. Sure there’s Iraqis who will suck up to the Bu’ush Regime and their puppet dictator.

    There were Jewish prisoners in the Camps who sucked up to the Nazis too.

    They’re called “LagerKapos” but somebody who is such a serious student of History as you claim to be would know that, wouldn’t you.

    Ban Sidhe could point out that there were and still are Irishmen who collaborated with the British Overlords.

    You can recognize them by their fancy cars, the level of police protection around their homes, and their distinctive limp… that last from the practice of marking them for life with a 9mm slug into the kneecap.

    We had one of them as “Grand Marshall” of the Saint Paddy’s Parade two years ago.

    Sicked the Colorado Springs pigs on us for daring to march in the parade WE, along with every other citizen of the Springs, paid for with our taxes, and Eric had paid literally for his “Free” speech by purchasing a license to be in the parade.

    True to form, the CSPD targeted the elderly and disabled.

    All the Denises and David Haddads and Mitch’s in the crowd cheered for their heroic Pig Warriors and some even called for Our deaths.

    What a marvelous wonderful support of Freedom, right here in America!

    There’s no shortage of Traitors to All Humanity and there never was.

    But you have some personal experience with that.

  7. Saddam was the US’s point man in their desire to destroy the Iranian government. Hey! Isn’t that what the Jewish State wants now? Another war against Iran?

  8. International alliances are in a constant state of flux. Irrespective of the US’s previous relationship with Saddam, it changed over time. You cannot make a credible case for the Iraqis having been better of under a brutal dictator, although, in hindsight, it was a mistake for the US to go into Iraq, IMO.

  9. Denise, the US government never cared two hoots about Saddam in or out. You know that, too. They, like you and your Jewish State using Ahmadinejad as target marker, merely used Saddam as an excuse to continue to batter nonJews in the Middle East with war and foreign control.

  10. Dear “Denise/Mitch”
    Which Iraqis are the better off? The over a million dead? The several million refugees? Those suffering this occupation? I’ll bet you can’t find a one, not on our payroll, who wouldn’t wish this regime change reversed.

  11. Denise, Im so surprised to see you support the war in Iraq………..not!

    On pure comic value alone, I like this part of your comments the best:

    “That so-called journalist who threw his shoes at former president Bush would have been tortured and executed under the previous regime.”

    A few small details. the entire war was on a lie, you know a lie? A lie, sorta like the lies Israel used to attack Palestine after Israel broke the ceasefire. Did you kow that a blockade of a country is an act of war? probably not! And moreover, would Bush have even been there for the “so called” journalist to throw a shoe at if Bush hadnt invaded the country illegally?

    but thank you for the comic relief

  12. That and he and his family had been in Saddams prisons.

    At the time, Saddam was a docile Puppet of Washington.

    And, I could almost see somebody having cracked ribs from being thrown to the ground, but a broken hand, black eyes? No, that part was deliberate.

    It takes a great deal of effort to break somebody’s hand.

    The Air Force, in their customary “honesty” had him at an Air Force Base Hospital, in other words, in the custody of the U.S. Military, the ones who don’t torture people, you remember them?

    But still not allowed to speak to an attorney or be seen by his family… or any “doctor” other than the ones his jailer/torturers provided for him.

    Until the bruises healed enough that he could be displayed.

    Kind of like that “Israeli law says that they can’t hold somebody in custody longer than two weeks before ALLOWING HIM TO SEE AN ATTORNEY” Does that sound familiar?

    When you were making the case under a different pseudonym that the Israeli Pigs are somehow more noble than any Other Pigs in the world and would never torture somebody, and they have to bring the person to trial speedily,

    Two weeks is enough time for somebody who has been savagely beaten to not look nearly as bad as somebody who was beaten a day or so before.

    Besides, the Pigs are experts at not leaving permanent marks, just ask the CSPD, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department or the non-torturing FBI.

    You said “you guys live in Colorado, what could possibly know about Violent Dictatorial Right Wing Assholes?”

    I’d say we know quite a lot about that sort of coward.

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