You can’t spill the beans about Afghan War lies without going to jail!

British officer held over Afghan casualties leak …And where is that Iraqi shoe thrower, Barack? You still have him in jail for throwing shoes at Bush while you are busy reappointing collegues of Bush into positions under your new Adminsttration? Free him now and hands off this British whistle blower, too!

1 thought on “You can’t spill the beans about Afghan War lies without going to jail!

  1. ‘On Monday night, Jon Snow on Channel 4 News in London broadcast an excellent report on Binyam Mohamed’s plight, featuring the heroic work of Mohamed’s lawyer, Air Force Lt. Col. Yvonne Bradley. The report was broadcast the night before the hearing in San Fransisco where the Obama DOJ adopted Bush’s state secrets argument. It is highly worth watching, and as one reviews the full extent of already disclosed facts about what happened here, one can only marvel at how patently frivolous is the Obama DOJ’s claim that litigation of this case would risk disclosure of vital state secrets’

    (from And for more about the British officer who spilled the beans about teh British and US government’s involvement in torturing POWs, see

    Army accused of ‘smear’ campaign against British officer and human rights activist at

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