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Iraq slipper thrower killed outright

Poor Ahmed Latif, killed in Fallujah this week for throwing his slipper at a US patrol. News reports are calling Latif a copycat of Muntadhar al-Zaidi, on the occasion of the Iraqi shoe thrower’s release from custody. Reporters are also … Continue reading

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One man dared

I’d like to revisit photographs of George Bush. On everyone pictured standing next to him, I’ll stamp “NOT AL-ZAIDI,” meaning, NOT A HERO. The tag would apply to all of us of course, but in particular, to those who had … Continue reading

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Obama to free Iraqi hero early!

Iraq shoe thrower’s jail term cut! …Now, at long last, we do see a small change coming about in the US occupation of Iraq because of the election of Barack Obama! A man who terrorized McGeorge the Clown will be … Continue reading

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You can’t spill the beans about Afghan War lies without going to jail!

British officer held over Afghan casualties leak …And where is that Iraqi shoe thrower, Barack? You still have him in jail for throwing shoes at Bush while you are busy reappointing collegues of Bush into positions under your new Adminsttration? … Continue reading

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Redux: Go away! Shoe! Shoe!

Relevant links: http://shoebush.org/ http://afterdowningstreet.org/downloads/shoebush.pdf Oh, and the IVAW is in on it too, if any of the Brethren and Sistren from the IVAW or anybody else want’s to contribute my boots to this worthy cause, mainly because I’m broker than … Continue reading

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