Phillip Garrido wants same deal as Pfizer

Can recidivist offender Phillip Garrido have same deal as Pfizer? In a note passed to a local media outlet, the accused abductor of Jaycee Dugard is demanding a deal similar to that announced for pharmaceutical killer Pfizer, who today agreed to pay $2.3 billion dollars to halt a civil and criminal case against it. Like Garrido, Pfizer is an unrepentant repeat offender. This is the fourth time the corporate felon escapes prosecution by paying a fee. Garrido respectfully suggests his fine should be smaller commensurate to his fewer victims. How will the serial rapist raise the funds, since donations to Pfizer or himself are unlikely to come pouring in from a sympathetic public? Garrido assures us that monies will be quickly recouped from the profits of future illegal ventures.

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  1. Avatar Brian Chang says:

    Government also fails to monitor these people who are given 2nd chance. It places the rest of us at risk for not being fully informed about where these pervs live and what they have done…. too much about their privacy…. what have we done to deserve to live at their mercy?
    Crime against helpless little children of such magnitude should carry a mandatory minimum of life in prison’s general population so they can experience the fear of those helpless children.
    When is america going to say enough is enough? only criminals got rights in america. He needs to be locked up, no extra dollar should be spent on keeping him isolated to PROTECT him!! shxt like this only happen in america…. He would have been executed by now if he were in China.
    Please let me know if there is any interest group who want to push for mandatory minimums for sex offenders. We need to remove them from society permanently.

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