Ho!Ho!Ho! NORAD tracks Santa and the media lets you jolly well know!

The Spy and Bomb crew located under our local Colorado Springs mountains and over the woods to Santa’s House at Peterson Air Force Base on the plains is tracking the fat socialist known as Santa Claws. You can find out about this vermin and his nefarious plans thanks to the trillions spent on National Insecurity and their back up crowd from the corporate media and sales teams located world wide.

Want the data on this commie? Then go to Santa’s Home Page and track on to this derelict courtesy of NORAD’s Santa Tracker prominently displayed. Maybe they plan to taser this guy and then waterboard him for more info about his Jihad and the terrorist elves that infect consumerist society with good ill?

Our world wide surveillance system and nuclear bomb coordinating system is run in a jolly good manner! Thank you, Federal Government! Thank you, Pentagon! We are safe from Martians, elves, and Arabs for now…

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1 Response to Ho!Ho!Ho! NORAD tracks Santa and the media lets you jolly well know!

  1. Avatar Da Buffalo says:

    They were looking in the wrong place.

    He was in Washington DC.


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