Don’t buy Israeli Apartheid

Boycott, Divest, IsraelInteresting counterpoint in Ha’aretz this morning about the Goldstone Report on the recent war crimes committed in Gaza, where the UN commission found grounds to investigate both Hamas and Israel for violations.
Hamas rejects the charges based on population’s right to resist illegal occupation. The Israeli administration was indignant with a more complicated rationale. In the face of having inflicted 100 times more casualties, most of them civilian, Amira Hass wrote about The one thing worse than denying the Gaza report, which is to justify the crimes. Ari Shavit took a further tack, arguing that the UN must hold Obama to same standard as Israel. My favorite analysis of the moral predicament Israel finds itself rationalizing, is by Jihad el-Khazen.

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8 Responses to Don’t buy Israeli Apartheid

  1. Avatar Maya says:

    Eric, you didn’t even go to a decent college. Nobody cares about your dopey opinion.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Thanks for ‘your dopey opinion’ that said absolutely nothing, Maya. When you can write more than a line or two of nothing but personal attack you might try engaging in some sort of actual topical discussion with other people. You might actually learn something??? What do you think?

  3. Avatar Maya says:

    Tony, as a drug addict, an alcoholic, a high school drop out and an all-around loser, by your own biography, nobody cares what you think. You’re a pathetic dirtbag.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You put forward your usual dirt bag comment, didn’t you, Maya. When you write us it would at least be nice if you were honest about what sex you actually are under your fake cyber name, Mike. And you might actually write about something too, Gutter Rat.

    Too hard for you to put anything other than… ‘you pathetic dirtbag’ together? RU2 stupid to do that as you use your laptop while sitting on the commode? You Right Wingers are such a sadsack lot…

  5. Avatar Maya says:

    Tony, you tell everyone about the loser you are in your own bio: You are a drug addict, a drunk,a high school drop-out and an all-around dirt bag.

    Eric is right behind you,having graduated from a college that is a complete joke.

    Your blog is a toilet. Actually, that’s insulting to toilets.

    Have a nice bender this weekend, you piece of crap.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Maya, we remember you now. You are the Israeli spam gun folk and probably are a guy calling yourself ‘Maya’ which at first seems quite like a woman’s name. That might be due to you having been an ongoing part of the Israeli involvement with the Guatemalan military and its death squads?

    Come clean now, Boy! We had to remove you before because you are so stupid and vulgar and never say anything other than calling people crap etc. Oh, and you IP address is where the spam gun likes to fire away from…. Northern New Jersey next to New York City. You’re going to get blocked from this site again… for your total dishonesty about who you are and who you work for. We simply don’t like thugs like you that are part of an Israeli government coordinated plan to disrupt antiZionist websites.

  7. Eric Eric says:

    We’ll block Dan Chinitz aka “Maya” but let’s leave these comments up for a refresher on what Israeli blog attacks look like. Next up, Denial of Service attacks from the desperate IDF. Sorry for the interruption folks.

  8. I just stumbled across this site while searching for images on a piece I am working with. I stumbled across this page and saw the love notes to the page owner from a female (perhaps) called Maya that could offer nothing but slurs and below-the-belt insults. OMG I just moved on in reading the messages.

    Well done! We all have these Israeli creatures on our tails it seems. I knew the moment I saw Israeli visitors on my blog I was due for it, and lo! they came. So easy to deal with them and once you know who and what they are, you kick em to the curb as you seem to have.

    Vulgar is their greatest strength I found. The sexual slurs I took were worthy of … I dunno. But if they could say something dirty and squalid from angles I found particularly vile, I knew them for what they are.

    I will finish this blog and return to look it over. I am always looking for new views on the Christian/Zionist/Muslim mess we are all caught in.

    Saved your addy.

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