Barack gives Bank of America ‘overdraft protection’ as he bankrupts the US public

Barack LincolnThe Republicans gave the banks hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars, but that was not enough. Barack, instead of spending money to help house the homeless, institute universal medical coverage, or better Social Security for the elderly and incapacitated, thinks Bank of America’s corporate owners need yet more of your tax monies! What a wild CHANGE in thinking here! He brings us visions of Barack Lincoln, freeing the corporate class from all responsibilities! Poor slaves.

I got ‘overdraft protection’ from Bank of America, and I went over about $2 on a Safeway debit card purchase with them. They charged me over $100 before I even knew about it. I had told them I didn’t want their ‘protection’, but they had given me it anyway. So I closed out with them, Bank of America not even having any local banks in the area. Now they call me twice a day with a recorded message and have screwed with my credit rating. That’s my overdraft protection’ plan from them…. phone harassment.

If somebody came and knocked repeatedly twice a day unsolicited on my front door, the police would go get them for this abuse. But Bank of America can bombard me with computerized phone calls 14 times a week, and nobody calls that a crime, except for me. The bastards. Why doesn’t Barack Obama give me ‘overdraft protection’ from the Bank of America criminals?

Bank of America though has been given much better and real overdraft protection by their cronies, Barack and Dubya, the DP and RP. Little accounting error? Then Dubya and Barack are stumbling all over themselves to rush multiple tens of billions to Bank of America to fix their small little banking ‘error’!

They could actually nationalize the damn Bank of America and that would be fine by me. Hey, why doesn’t our government do just exactly that? Nationalizing is what they do with many small folk who go to jail if they do not pay off money they steal from others through their ‘bad investments’. Heck, the cops never even give small crooks the option to return that money, it’s simply you have been ‘nationalized’ and now you spend the next 20 years with us! Where’s the respect for small time crooks who are merely emulating the Bank Of America Big Boys with their financial thefts? The ‘law’ is rather strange in America… Rob little and you are a Bad Boy. Rob BIG, and the government starts throwing other people’s money at you!

Bank of America bail-out agreed I didn’t agree, did you agree? You did if you voted for Barack Obama, Mr. and Mrs. DP ‘Liberal’. You’re always being led around on upper class leash by hooks in your noses, it rather does seem… Dupes.

2 thoughts on “Barack gives Bank of America ‘overdraft protection’ as he bankrupts the US public

  1. Could you explain what Bank of America overdraft protection fees have to do with Barack Obama? All I got was a lot of ranting about overdraft fees, which we all know is a hugely ignored consumer scam, but blaming Barack for it without any information why.

  2. As I pointed out in the commentary, Barack Obama is willing to rush real ‘overdraft protection’ in the form of tens of billions of dollars to Bank of America to keep them from going bankrupt, where as all I got in ‘overdraft protection’ is my credit being screwed up by this very same bank.

    Let’s face it, the whole credit racket run by financial institutions is not backed by any due process for the common folk that continually get screwed by their machine. And neither is their own protection racket under any due process of democratic observation, since the big guys simply buy (through lobbying monies spent) people off like Barack Obama who then give them sweet deals, or real ‘overdraft protection’ to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars.

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